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Thread: Im not updated on what spells to use...

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    Im not updated on what spells to use...

    I usually don't play WoW for more than two months at a time. I have just started to raid ToC and VoA weekly and may keep playing for longer because of the upcoming expansion. The problem is, I don't know anything about my spells and how they changed with new patches. What are the paladin spells that are typically used in raiding as a tank?

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    Your primary single target threat rotation uses 5 abilities: Shield of Righteousness (ShoR), Hammer of the Righteous (HotR), Holy Shield (HS), Consecration (Cons) and Judgement (J). You treat them as having effective cooldowns of either 6 seconds (SoR, HotR) or 9 seconds (HS, Cons, J), and your rotation follows a pattern of 96969 indefinitely, e.g.

    HotR, HS, ShoR, J, HotR, Cons, ShoR, HS, HotR etc.

    You don't "go back to the beginning" ever, and it doesn't matter which abilities you start with, as long as you're ultimately alternating a 6 second ability with a 9 second ability. This rotation ensures good single target threat without compromising Holy Shield or Judgement (and hence Judgements of the Just) uptime.

    You pull with (for maximum threat) Exorcism - only if you have the time to stop and cast it - while mashing Hand of Reckoning then tossing Avenger's Shield. On trash, Holy Wrath is an excellent snap AoE pick-up tool against undead and demons.

    Use Seal of Vengeance for single target, Seal of Command (if specced into, and you probably should) for multiple targets/snap AoE pick-ups. The other seals have very limited use. Use Blessing of Sanctuary.

    Divine Protection is your 50% damage reduction cooldown. Avenging Wrath is your "moar threat now" button; don't use it if the encounter requires you using Divine Protection in the next 30 seconds. Divine Guardian can be used as a personal cooldown with a /cancelaura macro.

    Hand of Protection, Hand of Salvation and Hand of Sacrifice can all be used situationally, and their appropriate use can differentiate a decent tank from a good one.

    Hammer of Justice is a useful stun, although it's hampered by being on the GCD and having a long cooldown (which it's generally not worthwhile reducing with talent points).

    That's most of them covered - I'm sure someone will chime in if I've missed out any really obvious ones.

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