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Thread: Tank question

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    Tank question

    Hello, I am wondering if with this toon I would not be better served going to a blood tanking spec with the gear i have. I have been told that I am hard to heal at times, although it was not by my guild healers it was by pug healers. I have never heard any such complaint from the healers in my guild. I am currently tanking icc 25 and 10 man HM's . Would it serve me better since i spend so much time in ICC to go to a blood spec with this gear or just stay frost? Your opinion as always is greatly appreciated.
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    This may not be the answer you're looking for but, I'd stick with the spec/rotation you're comfortable with.

    If those healers thought you were "squishy" now, they'd think the same if you were blood as your health bar would jump around a bit more. You'd simply be adding the self healing as mitigation. I started as 2H frost, did some time as DW frost, and finally switched to blood ... which I enjoy the most of the three. If you've got the time and the gold I'd encourage you to check out blood just to see if you like it. No harm done if you want to change back. Only the cost of a respec and some glyph replacement.

    Basically, if your raid comp isn't affected by it (i.e. need for Abom's Might, Hysteria, IIT), just do what makes you happy.

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    I had a similar complaint back when we started ten man heroic modes but to be quite honest I think it was more of a gearing issue than anything since at the time we didn't have numbers for 25mans I was in 245&251 gear and so were they and I would occasionally get burst like a mofo from Saurfang. This happened as blood and frost, but I died less from it as blood because I had more health, self heals from death strike and VB which is superior to UA in my opinion. After that our confidence grew, and I ninja respecced DW frost in our last raid to try to prove a point to someone in another thread and they barely noticed and didn't even bat an eyebrow.

    I'd echo Gutfang's thoughts and stick with what you're happy playing. By all means try it out and see what you think. PUG healers always bitch in my experience, I think it's genetic. Ignore them or tell them nobody else struggles to keep you up.

    I would also suggest DW frost over 2H because I substantially prefer it, and find it more effective, but it's your choice. By all means experiment and try out the other specs and see how you find them, but at the end of the day, as Gutfang said, go for the one you're happiest with and feel the most comfortable/stable in as it'll do you a world of good.

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