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Thread: Getting hit too hard

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    Getting hit too hard

    So last night I was replaced for a different warrior with crappier gear than me because the healers found it easier to heal him..

    I want to take the least amount of damage possible.

    I want a cd rotation for a boss like saurfang or festurgut.

    Please look at my spec and tell me what i need.

    same with glyphs


    Here is someone who im thinking about copying spec/glyphs

    Gafarion, Maintank of vodka-US


    If i just copy this guys stuff would I be good?
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    There are some things you should tweak/change but either you're not using cooldowns properly or whoever is healing you is full of crap.

    Gloves: 18 stam or 240 armor
    Chest: 275 HP to chest is better
    Shoulders: The 30stam/15resil enchant is better

    Armory is slow at work and I'm tired of digging through them, lol. The spec I have is the cookie cutter spec, just click the picture in my sig, it's linked to my armory profile.

    Shield block is very powerful, the proper/proactive use of this ability is very underrated and imo can make the difference between a good tank and a great tank.

    You don't need a CD rot for saurfang really. You do for festergut. Shield block -> Last stand (these may need to overlap if you get low) -> Shield wall -> trinkets+enraged regen + whatever other CDs you have left and/or healer CDs.

    Also: put blood draining on your weapon please.
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    Warriors are all about using your toolbox correctly. Only Bears and Paladins are armed with a lot of passive abilities.

    Go back to clutch of fortification instead of abom. Consider for approrpiate fights another armor trinket (Glyph of Indom is dead easy to get).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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