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Thread: Arp Switch really worth it

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    Arp Switch really worth it

    im a human warrior sitting in mainly 251 / 264 gear and could easily switch to 100% arp setup,

    but at the moment im totally setup with NES strength crit setup and
    with limited funds due to lack of playing time is it really worth overhauling everything to go ARP, i hold my own on the dps charts usually around 3rd and last time i switched and sat at around 85% ARP i actually saw a DPS decrease due to my lack of crit and strength (worse gear)

    i know Arp will be better but as it wont exist soon (i assume thats still the case)
    will it really be that amazingly better

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    Are you planning on continuing progression until the drop of Cata? If so, do it. If you're going to be casual and whatever is enough, then don't.
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    85% ARP
    This is no good... literally, it is all or none. You get to soft cap and use a trinket, or get to ~95% or more.

    If you are a casual raider (not likely to be min/maxing) then don't worry about it. If you are raiding serious progression, go full arp.
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