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Thread: Holy priest could use some advice.

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    Holy priest could use some advice.


    I am wondering how much haste i should stack, i see people running around with insane amounts and doing really good, and does it help getting renews and such of much faster ? i heard theres like barriers you need to get over for it to notice?

    When im in icc i rarely come up first, sure i can use renew spam but i just cant seem to get them up enough to be climbing to the top of meter, shamans and druids and palas always beat me..

    I am using healbot my ms is around 45-50 in icc and graphic settings down on minimum to get about 50-60 fps.

    Maybe i should just relax and gear up a bit more before i try something my stats currently cant provide? the other healers have about same gs or a little higher but not much. im at about 5862 atm

    Please look at my armory and give me advice becouse i really want to start climbing on the meter and all tips are welcome.


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    Haste is fantastic for a Holy Priest, yes because it allows you to get out quicker heals (and when you're dealing with the huge ICC zone buff, quicker is typically better than bigger) (there's a dirty joke in there somewhere).

    Some stuff with your armory:

    - Guardian Spirit glyph is mandatory. Having that cooldown once a minute is fantastic, even if it doesn't help with LOLBIGNUMBERZ it is still very potent. Lose the Renew glyph.

    - No point in having any amount of points in Divine Fury besides 0 or 5. Either you use GHeal sometimes, or you don't. Also, Improved Healing is a tremendous waste of talent points. This may not seem crucial, but at least stuff like Spell Warding and Healing Focus is useful filler. Oh, and Desperate Prayer is amazing, get it.

    - Ask yourself how much you use Flash Heal. Is it worth using 5 points to buff it? For me, and most Holy Priests, the answer is no.

    http://www.wowhead.com/talent#bVcbhZsxtcbMqihhcuAo is what I use. That last point can go in a few talents, personally I grabbed 1/5 Empowered Healing just for a small throughput boost, but you could also grab Inner Focus for mana conservation if you like.

    Now, on to gear:

    - I sincerely doubt that you need the mana from Talisman of Resurgence at this point. Drop it the first opportunity you get. Use the Insightful meta gem (21 int and an incredible mana return) which will help make up for that mana loss - speccing Inner Focus and using it with Divine Hymn or Prayer of Healing will help quite a bit too.

    - Get rid of those crit gems. Crit is a decent stat but certainly not strong enough to gem for.

    - Tuskarr's to boots. The move speed is amazing, much more important than some negligible amount of spirit.

    And the best advice you'll get all day:

    Healing meters are not the same as DPS meters. Being on the top of the meters is not the goal, and is not always feasible in fact. Healing meters are merely a rough guide. You WILL be beaten on the meters by other classes on many fights in ICC - what makes a Holy Priest so valuable is not necessarily huge HPS, but rather our flexibility and raid utility. Show me a healing cooldown more amazing than Guardian Spirit!

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    Thank you for your answers.

    I have changed some of your suggestions and i do agree when you point them out.
    also saw i missed 10 on chest.

    Ill give this a go and see how this feels. and i guess ill just ry to ignore the meter

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