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Thread: Warrior DPS

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    Warrior DPS

    i just wanna know whats the key to warrio dps is it armor pen gems or strenght gems ??
    what will increase ur dps as a human warrior

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    That entirely depends on your gear and the content you are running. In addition, it also depends on spec and rotation, as well as raid-composition.
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    Lots of good info http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Warrior-Guide

    Like everything it's, it's rotation, rotation, rotation = best DPS.

    Regarding Str vs ArP specifically

    Softcapping should give you a DPS increase gemming ArP over Str, but due to uptimes, it may not.
    Hardcapping will always give you a DPS increase gemming ArP over Str.

    Soft-capping --- Gem Str until you are at about 400/500 passive ArP with Needle Encrusted Scorpion. At that point, if you switch out all the gems you don't need to activate your meta, can you hit 722 ArP via gemming? If so, gem ArP to hit 722 passive ArP (or 682 if you will ALWAYS eat the ArP food).

    After that, if you add ArP on gear, swap out ArP gems for Str gems. You want to try to stay in the 722 - 742 passive ArP range.

    Once you have no ArP Gems and 722 passive ArP you're probably only a couple upgrades from going for the ArP hard cap.

    Armor Pen Hard cap...

    If you reach 900 passive ArP, count your gem slots not needed for the meta. Do you have enough to re-gem all ArP and hit 1400 passive (or 1360 passive if you ALWAYS eat the ArP food?) If so, swap out all Str gems for ArP gems until you hit 1400 passive.

    In all likilihood, you'll need to be ~1000 passive ArP to be able to gem to hit the 1400 ArP hard cap.

    You should never be more than 20 points above the 1400 ArP hard cap. If you are, you're wasting a gem slot on a useless ArP gem. Just like softcapping, as you get better gear and ArP on gear goes up, you'll be swapping some ArP gems back to Str gems.
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