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Thread: Raid Attendance Spreadsheet

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    Raid Attendance Spreadsheet

    I would like to set up a spreadsheet that will track guildies attendance and give a over all percentage for each member's attendance. I have no idea how to set this up. Does anyone have a example attendance spreadsheet template to share or any ideas where to get this info at? Was planing on using Google Docs.


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    you may want to consider using World of Logs (worldoflogs.com).

    It does it for you as long as someone runs the reports each time you guys raid.

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    WoL does have attendance chart, but it's not very good in a sense that you can't do manual corrections in the player attendance lists and you cannot pick and choose which raids count for attendance. We pull the attendance figures and percentages from DKP system.
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    You can use add ons like 'Raid Tracker' to gather the info. Some of them allow you to export the data on a text file, which you can then dump into an Excel spreadsheet. To calculate the percentage attended, simply divide the days attended by the total number of days. for example: ProtWarr attended 18 of 21 raids: 18/21 = 85.714... so his attendance us 85.7%.

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    my guild does an attendance over 3 month system. and anyone over 40% attendance is a raider. u get .5 if u leave early in a raid and 1 if u stay for the whole thing (also 1 if theres to many people and they need to leave u out) theres 2 attendance blocks a night (one at beginning and one in middle) and i think its calculate as above but it would be something like -- Player attends 60/80 raids in the past 3 months so 75%

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    Iguess if you use any lootsystem other then lootcouncil there might be sort of a tracking addons you can have on the side.
    We use EPGP and there is an aditional addon that track the attendance once you are doing the ontime bonus etc.
    However, We just made it quite simple. We have 100% attendance, If ppl can't make a raid they must write a post on our forum and state their reasons. Then we will change his invite status on calendar to "OUT" To check the attendance you simply just glance trough the forum,
    And as well you can see all the reasons for not showing up.

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    The flaw in your design is that a spreadsheet can't accurately represent the multiple dimensions of data involved, rather it is better represented in a relational database structure. Often times what guilds will do is use addons which track information such as loot system and attendence tracking addons, and incorporate that into websites of their own creation that can import the raw data into a relational database structure for more intelligent reporting.
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    New raid attendance spreadsheet I made tonight

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    Do you use epgp or another form of dkp? If you insert the EP value at the start of the month and the start of next month, calculate EP earned over the month with average decay *number of weeks and difference in ep value, then divide it by the maximum EP earned you have percentage of attendance.

    Very little work you have to input the values once a month, just have to setup the names of your raiders and 2-3 formulas but that's easily done.

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