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Thread: Fairly new lvl 80 looking for gear advice

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    Fairly new lvl 80 looking for gear advice

    Hi guys,

    I hit level 80 a week ago and I have been trying to get my DEF capped. I am currently at 535. I am looking for advice on what dungeons to run over and over and when I should move to heroics. I need armor, weapon and trinket advice.

    here is my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...eria&cn=Vaelic

    My GS is 3358


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    at 535 def you can tank heroics, at 540 you can tank anything else. Farm your emblems by running heroics constantly. Those upgrades are better than anything you can get out of the heroics. For the other pieces you will need to get better gear before you can tank ToC5 heroic, or the ICC heroics.
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    Bracers from ankahet.
    Boots from HoS.
    Trinket from regular ToC. (5man)
    Heroic UP or PoS for sword.

    That's just a few things I came up from the top of my head. Check the Gear and Enchant section on the forums, it has gearing guides from heroics, lower level raids etc.

    There's all your answers
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