I'm at 5300 GS.
Been up to professor putricide once, on 10 man, and cleared first wing on 25 man of ICC.
Gotten to phase three of final boss of RS.
42 Frost emblems, thinking of getting the Key next as it will give me around 1200 health.

I got the Sanctified gloves, and the pants from Voa 25, Voa 10 frost boss respectively.
I do not have a upgrade token.

i noticed I'm way above the 540 mark on defense now, should i replace the defense enchant i have or just wait for the T10 sets to bring it back down?

I did recive from the ICC 25, and i was wondering if it would be ok to wear it for now.

without socketing the 2 sockets which would as 60 Stam,

-348.8 Health
+62.9 AP
+1.74 Crit
+5.14% ArPen

-0.98 Dodge
-1.01 Parry
-0.43 Block

+19.3 Block Value
-10.8 Defence
(this is acording to Rating Buster Addon)

Over all, i seem to be doing alright when it comes to the raids, and the downfall seems to be on the dps that are doing the stupid things to cause the wipes as I'm one of the last men dead most of the time when we wipe.