Death by Cupcake is a mature guild for adults who simply want to RAID in a friendly and healthy environment. We believe you can raid successfully WITHOUT the drama, elitism, childishness, yelling, vent chatter, and poor attitudes that seem so prevalent among raiding guilds.

We raid Tues-Wed-Thurs, 7PM to 11PM Central Time (CST) and are currently 9/12 Heroic 25. While not a focus, we have a 10man team that is 11/12 HM going for a LK HM kill.

Our current recruitment focus is on warlocks and Feral DPS druids. That said, exceptional applications from other classes will be considered.

Send an application to us at, or whisper any officer.

So why us?
Everyone here prides themselves on their friendliness, sportsmanship, and and competence, and they're proud to show it! When I first got here, I was deluged with whispers and "Welcome!"'s from my new guildmates, eager to welcome me into their family. Later that evening, we went into raid and I was STUNNED as the raid performed with sheer, quiet competence. The DPS meters were high, survivability was perfect, and everything was progressing really peacefully. I never knew raiding could be that way, and I've loved it ever since.

How is it so good?
DBC has a few policies that we think make raiding here more focused and enjoyable than with other groups. For one, we promote a polite and friendly atmosphere during raids by sticking to a quiet-vent policy - most chatter between raiders during raids occurs in our chat channels, allowing raid calls to pass unfettered.

The leadership of DBC make a point of treating raiders with respect - public callouts and temper-tantrums just don't happen here, and we don't tolerate raiders berating each other. Raiders get coaching and advice from leadership, but it will always be a just-between-us affair, and never the business of the guild at large. Our raiders are adults - we treat them as such.

We keep a small core of no more than 30 raiders on call at any time. We feel this gives our raiders the ability to shine in raids whether they're a recruit or a longtime-member, and fosters a sense of belonging which we feel is important to guild cohesion.

Finally, we distribute loot through a Loot Council system. In a guild as free of drama as ours, this works very well for us. We've also found this to be the fairest way to distribute loot - it allows us to reward attendance, performance, attitude, and need across ALL players, and not just the players who've been around the longest. We take the integrity of our Loot Council very seriously, and have the guidelines posted for all raiders to review.

Who are our representatives?
Squinky (Shadow Priest): Our Wise-Old-Wizard Guild Leader, resident High Warlord, and Macro Miracleworker, as seen in his forum contributions at

Merytneith (Warlock): THE Prime Evil Warlock and Caster CL. When she's not turning nubs inside-out, she's giving advice to other aspiring Evil Warlocks at

Sylvicus (Holy Priest): Our photogenic and fleet-footed Healing CL with a heart of gold, currently shooting a new spread for the upcoming DBC Calendar.

Coffincrush (Protection Paladin): Mild-mannered main tank and Melee Class Lead by night, wild thrash-metal lead screamer and headbanger... later that night, and twice on Sundays.

Dessian (Mage): Our wonderfully bubbly Raider Relations Officer, keeping smiles on our faces and redness in our cheeks

Numnum (Hunter): Our trusted Loot Council balance and Special Events Co-ordinator. Does NOT say "weepon iss for huntar!"; DOES sound like Peter Sellers.

And last but not least: Rickotron (Protection Warrior): Your humble Recruitment Officer and Raid Leader.
* * * * *

If you've enjoyed reading this and it resonates with you, then by all means send us an application. We promise you a whole different kind of WoW in Death By Cupcake!