Founded 6/09, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. While raiding is our largest focus, it is balanced with all other aspects of the game. Bound is comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes maintain raiding at a high level.

We are a group of players who came together around a small website and podcast, who have grown into a group of friends and colleagues who put as much into the guild as we get out of it. Since we have a fairly strict 21+ requirement, we tend to be very like-minded adults who have come to share a common hobby, goals, and drive for progression and constant improvement.

Bound prides itself on pushing our raiders to progress at a comfortable pace, while still holding a respectable server rank. Raiders earn rank by maintaining consistent attendance, showing progressive improvement, and by coming to raids prepared and ready to kick much ass. Any member who earns rank, must also work to keep that rank by not sloughing off or getting comfortable with their status in the guild.

Raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 8:45PM-midnight CST.

AS OF 7/6/10 we are 12/12 | 4/12 in ICC, and plan on completing heroic modes in ICC prior to the release of Cataclysm.

For more information about our guild structure, raiding requirements, expectations, and to apply, please visit our website at