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Thread: Now that I'm near the end of 10 man heroics..

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    Now that I'm near the end of 10 man heroics..

    Hello! I currently raid with a 10 man guild with great friends of mine (3-5 of us usualyl raid in the same group). Its a 10 man focus guild, so no 25's ever happen. We are currently 8/12 Heroic ICC 10 and I've basicly reached the end of gear from there. The only real upgrade is Heroic Rimetooth Pendant. I also could use the heroic leather helm off putricide since I recently received a heroic 25 man ICC chest (In a pug, From Gunship). I was wondering if there is anyway to push my dps with what I have now, and/or if there are changes I should make with my gear.
    Thats my armory link. I usually use Hearty Rhino (+40 armpen) and an Armor Piercing elixir (+40 armpen) with my t10 (251) chest piece. That gets me to about 97% armpen. I'm using the other chest currently because I was low on expertice and hit which I could see myself missing the boss. Though now, it looks like I pull less DPS than before.

    Thanks in Advance

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    There's only so many things you can do as dps,

    1) rotation
    2) spec
    3) gear/gems
    4) buffs
    5) pots
    6) go over recount to see what is happening
    7) go over things like world of logs to see what is happening differently
    8) spend ages on the training dummies trying different things
    9) talk to raiders in top guilds
    10) theorycraft (not recommended)

    Doing 6-8 should help you figure out what's going on.

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