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Thread: Don't get me wrong, I love my warrior tank...

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    Don't get me wrong, I love my warrior tank...

    But why would you let me tank for your raid if any other tank was available?

    I'm looking for insight, since I've never played another class. I had a warrior at level 60 back in vanilla when we were pretty much the only viable tanking class and another one now at level 80 with which I have tanked all of ICC10 (not successfully, mind you, so far all I've done is wipe at Sindragosa (which has been killed by my guild a couple of times without me) and Lich King).

    Anyway, I'm feeling a little useless these days and trying to see why anyone would want me for their raids over a capable player of another class. All the other tanking classes seem to bring so much more to the table.

    Druids: Great HP, Good damage, The 5% crit buff, buffs, Battle res (though awkward, I've seen it used by an off tanking druid several times)
    Paladins: Good AOE tanking, Buffs/utility, Auras, Good ranged tanking/pulling mechanisms, Ardent Defender
    Death Knights: Great damage, Good ranged tanking/pulling mechanisms, Good AOE tanking, Their aura
    Warriors: Commanding Shout and that's it

    Am I missing something or exaggerating the usefulness of other classes over us warriors? I wouldn't know, having only played one class (not counting a lvl 64 mage) so let me know what you guys think; why do you want a warrior tanking (in a raid environment)?

    Edit: Link to my warrior so this doesn't seem like anonymous QQing. (I know my weapon enchant is ridiculous and I have way too much hit - I've been holding out for a new weapon before shelling out the cash to enchant it with Mongoose for literally months now.)
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    A Warrior can tank EVERYTHING! I tanked every encounter in this whole expansion except Sartharion 3D, which was impossible in the early days without a DK. You shouldn't whine about your class, it leads to nowhere. Your warrior also has utility talents like vigilance, demoshout, intervene, can AoE tank, has sufficient cooldowns and generates a lot of threat when well played.

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    Warrior tanks have sunder armor, great mobility, the ability to remove fear every 30 seconds, a 30 second CD single target stun and a 20 second CD frontal cone AoE stun, good spell interrupts and reflect ability, disarm ability... and a lot more fun stuff!

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    Who is not bringing you to a raid and why is it THEIR decision? Lead your own raid!

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    I have 3 tanks: warrior, DK and paladin and i raid icc with all 3. The manner & ease with which all classes tank are quite different.

    Paladin is easiest to play with a really good range of extra tools at his disposal.
    A DK tank is damn near impossible to kill while playing one is not hard either.
    A warrior tank is the hardest to play. But once you master it, i find it the most versatile tank ever.

    Bring the player, not the tank, all can do the job and the minor differences you just listed are those used by people without a clue. My entire wrath raiding has been one chain of proving raid comps dont matter as long as the players behind the toons are great. That said, i still try to make sure there's variety in my raids but i dont pick & choose saying one class is better than the other just that i try to avoid having all the tanks of the same class. That's about it.

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    TBH the 4 classes seem very balanced in my opinion. Perhaps, at the highest level, small differences could make a difference (i'm thinking about guild looking at world 1sts here). But for most any minor differences between classes are going to be second to the skill of the player using them.

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    The only REAL difference I see in the tanking classes today is a slight EH health discrepancy. Druids (well they're druids), DK's (WotN), and Pallys (AD) have a significant chunk more EH. The trend these days is that only really matters on one fight, mainly because otherwise we tend to significantly over gear the fights we do.

    Warrior's other advantages you didn't in their utility abilities. They bring one of the most critical buffs in the game (sunder), can modify their cooldowns to suit the situation to a greater degree then other classes, have amazing mobility, have an extra "mini" cooldown (shield block), generate retarded single target threat, carry all the necessary tanking debuffs (demo and TC), & can have unlimited taunts in the right situation. They can also stack their cooldowns for a much greater net effect.

    I just feel like I have more control with my warrior, the stuns, the mobility, etc. are awesome. It's like driving a stick shift vs. an automatic. Ya the automatic is easier, but damn I have way more choices and more control driving the stick.

    Finally, as someone who's played from vanilla as well... it took me a long time to accept that all tanks are meant to be equal, and that means there SHOULD be no reason to take me over any other class except for my skill behind the toon.

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    Just look at my reply to the "Warrior woes" thread for my opinion on this topic. I actually had thought this was that same thread until I realized I didn't see my reply.

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    Just of the top of my head:

    #1. Sunder Armor is the #1 physical DPS buff in the game
    #2. Unrivaled Single Target threat that scales better than anyone (yey Vigilance)
    #3. The ability to chain-CD through every boss ability in ICC
    #4. Have both boss debuffs in one package.
    #5. Improved Intervene can be used as an external CD on other tanks.

    I have a crazy geared druid and warrior tank and the warrior is DEFINITELY the stronger tank despite having 20k less HP. Warriors have soooo many CD's (Shield block is more than a mini-CD ... it's at least as strong as barkskin against physical attacks) and their single target threat is insane. I only feel more comfortable on my Druid when tanking trash (swipe/sleep) and on Sindragosa HM but trust me ... I miss the ever living hell out of those CDs and on a fight like BQ or Festergut I definitely miss that threat and my raid misses sunder.

    In the end the best thing you can do to appreciate your warrior is play other classes.

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    This used to be true, but they slowly buffed warriors, while slowly nerfing other tanks, the problem was it took them nearly 3/4 of the xp to do this, which really, really sucks, and lets hope they have all tanks reasonablly balanced at start of cata.

    Remeber when we had a 50% devastate (or was it 70?), and only 6% hp scaling, and no shield wall glyph. They eventually nerfed dk cds, dk hp, paladin threat, paladin hp, and buffed warrior Hp scaling, awesome set bonuses, and huge dps/tps buffs (although still slightly behind, which shows how poor warrior tank dps used to be at one time).
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    Kinda pointless to make these thread comparison threads, they just lead to a lot of QQ, warriors are fine.

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