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Thread: [ A | Icecrown] Searing Blade 3 night ICC 25M HM; Recruiting All

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    [ A | Icecrown] Searing Blade 3 night ICC 25M HM; Recruiting All

    We are currently recruiting all classes and roles. All applicants will likely have an opportunity to raid immediately and should be prepared to do so. 11/12H 25man ICC; 10/12H 10man ICC

    Searing Blade is a long time, well established and respected guild on the IC server. We consider ourselves a casual guild, but our Raid team is focused and serious about progression. We enjoy camaraderie, genuine and friendly interaction and willingly assist those that are working toward excellence in their characters, skills and raid capabilities. We also understand and respect real life adult responsibilities.

    We require raiders to do all those things which make for raid success, i.e., be committed, prompt, prepared, knowledgeable of encounter strategies and roles, reliable, geared, enchanted, gemmed, skillful and progression focused. Drama and petty disruptions are not welcome. We assist with guild funds for raid repairs, mats for raid gear enchants and flask/pot/food support. You are expected to do your part to assist yourself and others toward raid success and progression.

    Searing Blade uses an in-house EPGP system for loot in Official Raids and our system is designed to reward a commitment to raiding and reliable attendance, as well as fast gearing for new raiders.

    Searing Blade only schedules official raids three nights per week. Raid time almost never extends beyond the scheduled raid end time. Raid starts promptly at scheduled raid start time and with a short window to raid, we really try to squeeze every productive minute out of our raiding schedule that we can. Beyond our official raids, we also often run 10 mans on our off nights for both raider mains and Alts as well as some unofficial 25 man raids for generally anyone who would like to attend for any assortment of achievements/titles/mounts/gear/pets/emblems or badges etc...

    Official scheduled raid times are:
    Wednesday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM MST
    Thursday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM MST
    Sunday - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM MST

    Application Process
    If you would like to be a part of our team visit our website linked below this description window. On our website you will find information on recruiting, the application process and our raid schedule. Your selection potential is directly proportional to the time you take on your application. The ideal SB applicant will be an adult over the age of 18, know their class and their role, have the drive to make themselves the best at their role they can be, have the ability to take and distribute sarcasm as we are a bunch of jokers and be prepared to just have fun. We use Vent, you should have a working mic and be willing to speak if needed. If you do not find your class open for recruiting know that we are always looking to recruit exceptional raiders.

    Want to speak with SB members? Type "/join searingblade" in game to chat with the guild in our channel so we can get to know you and answer any of your questions

    In game contacts: Burlinn, Jawstheshark, Loisgriffon, Radhazpms, Raija, Zuuf

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