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Thread: Spells and dodge

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    Spells and dodge

    The last post I saw indicated that spells and ranged attacks would be dodge-able. This indicated that casters would need 7.5 hit and 7.5 expertise. The expertise was supposed to double dip for hit to get spell hit cap.

    I have set up my bars on my mage again and played around on the dummy but I completely forgot to look at the character sheet for expertise to see if it indicates a chance for my spells to be dodged. Other sources I am seeing indicate that the expertise to hit conversion is working but that expertise is unnecessary unless you can't hit cap and need the doube dip. (e.g. Reforge mastery on a hit+mastery piece to expertise if all hit regorges possible have already been done).

    Any clarification on how this mechanic went live?

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    AFAIK spells are not dodgeable. Ranged attacks are. Essentailly this means that as long as your a melee and get both melee hit and dodge capped you're spells won't miss. I have no idea if this means that Casters will be able to reforge to expertise in order to gain hit.

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    Expertise removes dodge and spell miss, hit removes melee and spell miss.

    For melee w/spells (enhance shaman, rogues, etc), capping melee hit for specials at 7.5% and capping expertise for dodge at 7.5% will ALSO give you 15% spell hit. For casters it doesn't really matter HOW you get to 15% spell hit, but the only important thing is that you're there. You can have 10% hit and 5% expertise and be fine...or vice versa...or just 15% hit. Whichever.
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