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Thread: Bear Off Tanking, Rage, or how I twiddle my thumbs

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    Bear Off Tanking, Rage, or how I twiddle my thumbs

    Have a rather basic (aka noob) question. I do a lot of off-tanking for my guild when we raid (all 10 man so far) and have a problem that I'm not sure about. Most of the time as an off tank, I'm not tanking. I also am not building up that much rage so I can't do much of anything bearlike. As a tank, it seems that I am expected to be a bear at all times so people wonder when I go kitty so that I'm just not sitting there auto-attacking and trying to stay awake.

    What do you guys do? Is there something I'm missing?

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    depends on the fight, if we are talking ICC:

    morrowgar: sit there and do as much rotation as saber lash rage allows
    deathbringer: when you get the debuff and the other tank taunts off you you can try taunting and stunning beasts if ranged DPS are having problems
    festergut: go cat until the other tank has 8-9 stacks then go bear and taunt
    Putricide: if you are not in the abom stay cat till 35%
    BQL: /afk (seriously: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-BQL-25-Heroic)
    sind: go cat until 35

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    It's no diff really for any OT class switch to whatever you can to play dps on all those fights that you are taking a shared lash. As already mentioned at least you can switch to cat to dps better than most other classes.
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