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Thread: Frost Emblem Tanking Choices!

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    Frost Emblem Tanking Choices!

    Hello there
    I've currently saved up 60 frost emblems, and am wondering what to do with them!
    Choices are the:

    Verdagris Chain Belt
    Corroded Skeleton Key
    Sentinel's Winter Cloak
    Lightsworn Shoulderguards (If that's not the right name then...The Tanking Ones :P)

    Current items are:

    Shieldwarder Girdle
    Black Heart + Bubbling Brightbrew Charm (Haven't had any better ones drop -.-)
    Icebound Cloak
    Turalyon's Shoulderguards of Conquest (T9 triumph-bought ones)

    I'm drawn towards the belt because of the sockets and superior armor and I think it would PROBABLY be the best choice, but i'm in need of some advice on which to pick


    PS - Armory link for convenience:
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    I would say go for the gloves over anything else, Gauntlets of the Kraken.

    They are the biggest upgrade and right on par with the belt.

    Use wowhead.com to see which will give you the most stamina and armor, and replace the brewfest trinket with the armor trinket from Triumph badges.

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    i would say belt or tier helm for the first purchase...you have a nice cloak atm and csk is good but not as good of an upgrade that the belt is.

    i would work on the tier after belt (at least 2 pc with badge chest and gloves as non-tier) and then the csk and cloak. save up some gold for crafted legs since they are too good to not have.

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    I'd agree with your own assessment - hit the belt first, its a massive upgrade and is an item you won't replace for a long time.
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    I'd say belt.
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    I would go with the belt, followed by your cloak. These are two items that still get massive use from me (11/12 HMs working on lk p2). After those I would get the trinket and then pick up your tier gloves and chest, especially if you have access to 25 man content or 10 man hard modes as the upgraded tier items are superior to the off set. While you are at it I would drop your glyph of hammer of the righteous unless its on there to solo tank the adds for Anub HM 25. Your spec is off, move the 5 points from SoTP to 1 in vindication, 1 in PoJ and 1 in conviction, drop the other 2 into crusade. Move 1 point from spiritual attunement into crusade as well, the reckoning is a personal choice if all you are doing is ICC as parry haste only exists on 2 bosses.

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    You should post this sort of thing in the HALP forum. This does not belong here. Read that part that says "Read this before posting!"

    You are logged out as holy, limited help here.

    In general, you will need to get all of them. Even if you get the wrong one first of the choices listed, it's not the end of the world, some of the badge items are basically BiS.

    The only thing I would change, possibly, is leaving gloves and legs for later, as there is always the chance (and it is CHANCE), that you can get tanking gear from VoA. Cloaks are stupidly hard to find unless you got the Ahune Cloak, and same goes with boots.

    Note you can also use wrathful pvp gear, as long as you stay def capped. It provides a lot of stamina/armor/strength, so its decent for tanking even if the resilience is useless in pve. This includes gloves, pants, boots, cloak, etc.

    Shields and sometimes weapons are also a pain, but you can't buy those with badges. Good luck with those!

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