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Thread: Lost Pally

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    Lost Pally

    hey, new to the whole tanking thing. I am a GM on my guild, and have no tank in guild, and all the tanks worth having seem to be guilded. so I am doing the next best thing, I am creating one. I have a Pally at Lv 46 right now, and want to Lv it as a tank so I can learn more about tanking and all the aspects of it. My problem is that my main is a Arcane Mage, and my major focus is getting DPS as high as I can, with hit and crit to boot. and as I am playing my pally, I find myself worrying about DPS, and I am sure thats not where my attention needs to be. I am looking for a lil direction here, or maybe some advice. I really want to make a good tank out of her, just have no clue what I am doing . . . thanks

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    Go out, pound your face against mobs. Stay in que as tank. The best way to learn about tanking is to do it. That being said, I routinely see pally tanks doing as much dps as the dps in lower level dungeons. As that starts tapering off, you'll be focused more on using Righteous Defense, Hand of Reckoning, and your other tank tools to worry about your DPS.

    *edit* If you are spec'd Ret and queing as tank (I've seen it), please have mercy on your healer and at least equip a shield and 1 hander while you are tanking? Thanks. My baby drood will thank you.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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