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Thread: Elemental Shaman - missing something key regarding DPS

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    Elemental Shaman - missing something key regarding DPS

    After trolling through these forums and not finding what I need...decided to post, so here goes:


    I have worked to get my shaman fairly well geared. Until recently, I haven't been able to get raiding ICC, and hate being called "fail" by a 10 year old!

    With this said, for some reason I can't seem to break 3.8 to 4.2k dps in a raid. I am sure this is simply something I am overlooking, so any advice would help.

    My rotation is: FS - LvB - LB (til cooldown) - LvB - LB (til FS is ready)

    So questions:

    Where should EM be used? I have read before LvB or just after...
    Which should my 3rd Glyph be LvB or FS?
    What macro's are beneficial for use? cause this might all be due to the fact that I am an old fart and therefore slower!

    I can see the benefit of a macro that incorporates:
    /use 13
    /use 14
    in order to make sure your trinkets are used as often as possible, but is that a good idea.

    I ran my character in RAWR, and in a raid I should be doing a substantial bit more DPS!!! I want to be all I can be with my Shaman...

    Thanks for any advice, links or tips.
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    i have noticed that you have gone for the t10 shoulders for healing was this a mistake or did you get it for you os?

    also i noticed you hit is a little low with talents you should be aiming for 14% i think and if you have a boomkin or shadow priest in your raid you can get away with just over 11%

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    Ya, I grabbed the wrong shoulders, and basically stuck with them for now.

    Okay, from what I read I thought Ally Shaman was supposed to be 263 Hit, I had 289 as Horde?

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    I'm not exactly an expert on shaman, but I can't see anything obviously wrong with what you're doing. I assume you use Chain Lightning whenever is appropriate?

    One of the key things with caster DPS that a lot of people get wrong without really realising it is that you need to spend as much time as possible actually casting something (anything!) in a boss fight. Move as little as possible, use your cooldowns when you know 'bad thing X' has just happened so you won't have to move because of it for a while, and tunnel NUKE the boss/add/whatever it is you're doing. Spam something all the time, even if its the wrong thing, and don't worry about your rotation being 'perfect'.

    Ignore any and all abilities that won't kill you. Turn off all boss mod messages that won't affect you directly. Keep focussed on the matter in hand, which is pouring all your concentration into turning your mana bar/gear into pretty numbers above the boss's head. It sounds rather selfish, but if you can get the damage there, then you can start adding in bells and whistles and helpful hybrid things at a later stage.
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    Thanks alot, that actually may be what is happening...but worthwhile hearing the feedback. =)

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