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Thread: Dk Tank needing some constructive criticism

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    Dk Tank needing some constructive criticism

    Hey guys,

    Just looking for some adive on my gear/gemming/chanting that mihgt help to optimise my tanking at the moment. I recently joined a guild that was supposed to be a 10 man ICC raid guild but now also does 25 man ICC. This week we did our first run of ICC 25 and it went pretty good till we hit a snag with rotface (im pretty sure some dps didnt know hot to take mobs to the slime) and people decided to start leaving.

    I tanked heroic version of gunship battle (ot role)without a worry and all the other bosses were just regular. But im just looking for some constructie criticism to help me to move onto MT for this guild as it is new and the MT for our run was one of the few pugs we had to use.

    As the MT had quiet a substantial amount more HP than me (68k riad buffed compared to my 58k i think i had) i was wondering if it is worth changing pretty much all my gems to +30 stam, and maybe fiddle around some chants to cover more stam as my def rating is kinda big atm (574). Also aggro doesnt seem to be a problem i just want to squeeze the most outta my survivability

    here is my armory link.

    if i have been to vague with anything let me know

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    Off topic: I like your gear!

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    Lol thnx

    + i just wanna add that i dropped my 4 pce t9 bonus because i figure the mitigation is better all round with those shoulders than 10 secs off my VB cd, and im about to try and do the t9-t10 transition anyway. So i figure a few runs without that isnt too bad :P. I was thinking chest, then legs then gloves then head and leaving those shoulders cause they are fairly OP

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    Yeah I'd say that you need to be looking for more frost emblems.

    Frost badge cloak
    Frost badge belt
    Frost badge chest
    Frost badge gloves

    All of these have lovely amounts of bonus armour (effective health) and are godly for most if not all of the ICC content.

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    CAREFUL WITH BONUS ARMOR AS A DEATH KNIGHT!!!!! GREEN armor numbers are NOT affected by frost presence (60% increase armor from items) but ARE affected by Toughness (first tier frost tree, 10% increased armor from items). For example, you get more armor from the Sanctified (ilvl 264) tier legs than from Pillars of Might. And while many people say you don't need hit and expertise (rightfully so, you don't NEED them) I still find that I can have enough EH while still keeping my threat stats up so I don't see a reason not to. So my point is, yes badge cloak and badge belt, maybe badge chest, but the hands from t10 aren't bad. And while 2piece tier 10 is optional you'll want 4 set ilvl 264, so I suggest badge chest and the other 4 tier pieces. This gives you lots of effective health along with a some hit and expertise to help with threat and to make sure your death strike isn't dodged or parried if you try to heal yourself with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmevan View Post
    CAREFUL WITH BONUS ARMOR AS A DEATH KNIGHT!!!!! GREEN armor numbers are NOT affected by frost presence (60% increase armor from items) but ARE affected by Toughness (first tier frost tree, 10% increased armor from items).
    A lot of this info is false, just because bonus armor isn't modified by Frost presence does not mean it should be ignored. The Santified legs will never have more armor than the Pillars of might even with frost presence as a modifier.

    The 2 set bonus is not a TPS increase on bosses at all since DnD is never used in a single target situation. The 4 set bonus is nice but is only reccomended if you need the extra cooldown while tanking a challenging encounter, LK,hc etc.. Otherwise go with the offset pieces since they have superior armor and stamina to the 264 tier pieces. While you can get a 264 helm and shoulders from the 1st 4 bosses in ICC on 25 man.

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    I do believe both legs are affected by armor modifiers. only difference is the 1190 extra green armor on the pillars are not affected by armor modifiers. Put it like this: the sanctified tier legs have 2310 armor, the pillars do as well for a base. but the pillars have an extra 1190 armor, which got be thought of just like another stat.
    After the toughness talent giving 10% extra armor and the armor modifier from frost presence the sanctified tier legs will give 3927 armor, the pillars will give 5117 armor.
    This has been covered in many threads here on tankspot and i do believe its also in the dk tanking guide as well.

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    Personally, I think I would hit up some more stamina and armor if you're going into ICC25. The previous posters are right, you could use a bunch more Frost Emblems. Almost anything you can buy from them is an upgrade, but the stuff with bonus armor on would be a priority. If you can afford the crafted legs, I'd get those too.
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