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Thread: Fury HM weapons

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    Fury HM weapons

    I am currently using
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=50603 MH
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=50070#. OH

    What Im asking is once I duel HCryptmaker my dps decreases by 20 with gems switching around trying to cap for expertise At least according to the SpreadSheet. Would it be better to Duel Glorenzelg normal and go for the BIS list since the list is itemized for the Heroic Glorenzelg or stick with Duel Heroic Cryptmakers?

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    I know it seems like a stupid question but I have played around with the spreadsheet for awhile and can't seem to come out on top with dual Hcryptmakers I just lose to much expertise and the problem I run into with the Duel Glorenzelg is I lose to much Arpen.

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    Ideally you want to cap your expertise at 26, and also cap your passive arp at 100% whichever setup gives you that should be your best, even if dual Hcryptmakers have higher DPS on them, you may find keeping Glorenzelg better unless you opt to swap a bunch of your ArP gems (assuming you have them) for Expertise gems (which may be an overall upgrade).

    assuming you are currently right at the arp cap, and at the expertise cap with little or no wasted. dropping the Gloren and gaining the crypt maker gives you 115 more arp, 1 extra gem socket, a ton of extra hit (kinda useless), but you lose 115 crit, and 99 expertise. Now because you gained 115 more arp, that means you can drop 5 arp gems or so and put them into expertise gems and still have arp cap and exp cap while gaining a higher dps weapon. The bigger problem and probably why the spreadsheet says you're losing dps, is because you're gaining a ton of hit that is useless, but there's no making up for the 115 crit you're losing. Chances are I'd say stick with your current set up, and let the 2nd HCrypt go to another guildie?

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