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Thread: [A - PvE - CST] <Precedence> 9/12 Heroic 25; LF Exceptional DPS

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    [A - PvE - CST] <Precedence> 9/12 Heroic 25; LF Exceptional DPS & Healers

    <Precedence>, located on Sen'jin, is looking for a handful of exceptional damage-dealing and healing classes to fill in some weak slots in our core raid group. As is the issue for many guilds, the natural Warcraft phenomenon of "Summer Slump" is hitting rather hard and we are in need of, as the title indicates, some exceptional DPS and perhaps a healer or three. But first, a little about us.

    Raid Days, Times, and Recruitment

    We raid Monday through Thursday, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM Central Standard Time.

    Though we have a four-day schedule, attendance is required for only three of the four days. Attendance is tracked electronically and is fool-proof; the more dedicated raiders (obviously assuming equal skill) will get raid slots over less dedicated raiders. Period.

    Recruitment is currently looking for nearly all exceptional damage-dealing classes and about 3 healing classes, non Disc Priest.

    -.) About us.

    <Precedence> was originally founded a year and a half ago in search of a semi-hardcore raiding environment that was not polluted with an elitist attitude. In other words, we sought to be successful at raiding and maintain a non-asinine outlook at the same time, and thus far it has worked pretty well in our advantage. If you can't dedicate three nights a week to give your raid 100% effort to whatever encounter(s) is/are at hand, we have no interest in having you with us. If all you are interested in is "Purple Tuesday"/epics to AFK in cities with, apply elsewhere.

    Raid Accomplishments

    Tribute to Insanity 10-man, pre 3.3 (at the time, still a 10-man guild)
    11/12 Heroic ICC10 [Glory of the Icecrown Raider]
    9/12 Heroic ICC25
    Server first Halion 25-man kill, world 35~.

    -.) What we expect from you.

    - Come to raids ready to give it all you have for the entire duration, or don't come at all. That means you come to a progression boss ready to react quickly and perform optimally, or you're wasting a raid slot.
    - We expect every Initiate, Raider, Veteran, Officer, and (yes, even me) the GM to be prepared with the proper spec, gems, enchants, consumables, and attitude in order to allow you to perform optimally in any given situation.
    - Don't be a stranger; the best form of raid synergy that can be gained is through simple interaction and familiarity with your fellow raiders. Most of our core raiders are friends or good acquaintances, and we'll invite you right in if you fit the bill.
    -Obviously a stable connection, working Ventrilo, and a microphone you can and will use if necessary.

    -.) What you can expect from us.

    - No drama. Period.
    - Successful raiding, with your help.
    - A good group of players, who are also a good group of people.
    - All things needed for raids supplied by the guild bank (flasks, food, repairs, etc.)

    Any questions would be best answered in game, but you can also send a private message to me via the TankSpot forums. For in game, contact me in person or via mail on any of the following toons, located on the US - Sen'jin server:

    Mnemosyn (main) - Holy Priest
    Destructýble - Protection Warrior/Arms PvP ("ý" ALT 141)
    Nemmy - Demonology Warlock
    Mesmerýze - Fire Mage ("ý" ALT 141)

    Our guild website is http://www.Precedence-Senjin.net for further information about us, or to drop an application.

    Until a later date,

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