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Thread: [A] Wrath of Astranaar, looking for older players to run 10-man content

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    [A] Wrath of Astranaar, looking for older players to run 10-man content

    Wrath of Astranaar is a group of older players who have been playing together now about 5 years. We are looking for a few ranged DPS, to join us in 10-man ICC and RS.

    We are a group of fun-loving, hard-working people who are focused and dedicated, don't treat raiding like a second job, and generally enjoy our online time together. Most of our players are over 30 and have families and/or successful professional careers... and the humor and pop-culture references that get tossed out in guild-chat usually go over the head of most young players. (yes, our wit is as sharp as our swords!)

    The current schedule is 11:30pm Central (Server Time) on Wenesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

    * Applicants should be in a mix of ICC 10/25 gear, properly gemmed/enchanted/glyphed
    * A solid understanding of your class, and well-read up on boss encounters.
    * Mature, sociable, easy to get along with, and will follow instructions.
    * Working Vent and have good latency/FPS.
    * An active memory of life experiences before the Clinton administration.

    We are a tight group of fun people who hope to add just a few more folk to be in better position to tackle soon to be released Cataclysm content.

    Please come check us out online, view our current progression list or to fill out a guild-app, point your browser to:

    and Please don't forget to mention you saw this post here on Tankspot!

    Cheers, and Good Hunting!
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