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Thread: Another "Im fury but my dps sucks" thread

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    Another "Im fury but my dps sucks" thread


    Ok so I know I have a few spots with gear that shouldn't be there but even still, doing a normal fury rotation I only pull 2.3k dps in ICC10 and 4k in voa25....reasons? Thanks for the help <3 all

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    The first thing I see is your gem use.

    Unless you are just working for the minimum for your helm gem, don't bother gemming to get the piece bonuses, just drop in Strength 20 gems into the slots, no matter what the color.

    Also enchant your gear on top of it, you can get a head enchant from the knights of the ebon blade, a shoulder inchant from sons or hordir or wintergrasp.

    Add an Eternal Buckle to your belt for an additional gem slot and drop a +20 strength in there

    So basically, just work on the minium amount of color gems you need for your one helm gem, and then drop +20 Strength gems everywhere else.

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    Egad...your spec...and glyphs.

    Something like this: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LG0G0f...0eRVzAo:MGoo0z

    There are optional points (if you're demo-shout-bitch, you should spec it (obviously), Piercing Howl is a fairly useful talent, so is Heroic Fury, if someone else is doing commanding shout you can spec out of Commanding Presence entirely and put points in Imp Execute, etc)...but that hits most of the high points...Furious Attacks is pretty much worthless, 3/3 Two-handed Weapon spec is required as is Imp Whirlwind and Intensify Rage.

    Based on your major glyphs (which are universally tragic) and spec, I'm assuming you're not using Whirlwind. Since that's your #1 damage move, that's also probably part of your problem.

    Also you have way too much hit and ZERO expertise. Both of those are bad. Get gear with expertise on it, gem it, even enchant it...whatever you need to do until you have 6.5% dodge reduction (26 expertise, which is 214 rating)...it's by far your best DPS stat until you dodge cap it. Also, while we're talking about gems...don't put so many stam gems in...ideally you would use the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond and the +10 all stats gem in a place where you can grab a socket bonus that doesn't suck (+6/+8 str...your boots would be a good place, since they're quite good and not apt to be replaced) and just gem everything else with expertise and strength.

    Run HFoS to get the Needle Encrusted Scorpion.

    Get the triumph badge helm.

    You seem to have cash, so get the 245 crafted wrists too. And if you're really feeling spunky, get the 264 crafted legs.

    Basically, drop the pvp gear, get expertise, fix your spec, fix your glyphs...a lot, really.

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    Go there. Thegreatme has several videos and a guild that are really solid. It goes into rotations and stats (Expertise, hit, crit, etc.). He doesnt cover ways to gear up a fury warrior these days, but that is the ONLY thing he doesnt cover.

    Gear is a big part of a warriors dps. You wont be able to pull insane numbers until you get great gear, but you can do a LOT better than you are doing. You NEED to read this guide.
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    Thanks for all the replys, and sorry for all the nubness...im mainly a PvE healer and a PvP warrior (yes for some reason I make fury in pvp work >.>) but know nothing about fury pve.

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    You need a makeover of sorts. For the pve spec switch out glyph of execution for glyph of cleave. What is your rotation for pve fury? It can make a huge difference. The rotation you should be using is WW-BT-Slam (proc only)-Then either HS or Cleave based on # of targets. Practice on target dummies, it helps.

    Gear issues
    Understand that with 3 points in the precision talent you only need 164 hit. So at this point you are way over the hit cap and under the expertise cap. If you have frost to spend I recommend getting the 264 cloak with expertise on it. Once you gear for expertise replacing all of those expertise gems will help a ton. Also it's a major difference when you enchant your gear. From what I can see you only have shoulder and weapon enchants. Get head enchant from rep, +10 stats on chest, +50 AP on bracers, +44 AP on gloves, +75AP on legs, stam and run speed on boots, and berserker on offhand weapon. In terms of gems...Ideally you want either all Arp gems or all Str gems. There is a balance which can be tricky because there are some variables. A poster above me mentioned about getting the NES trinket, which is an armor proc trinket. When you have an Arp proc trinket you want to gem Arp to the point that if the trinket procs you are at 100% Arp. If you don't have an Arp proc trinket and your gear puts you at less than 70-80% arp then gemming all str or str/crit where the bonus str is worth it will be better than all arp gems. The agility version of your meta is easier to maintain as one nightmare tear in ur gear will suffice and all of the other gems can be pure +20 str or pure +20 arp. At this point you have no t9 or t10 bonuses. These bonuses add up for your damage. IF you are low on frost emblems I suggest doing voa 10/25 every week to get the gloves or legs for free. If you have frost emblems start buying t10 gear, if you have other emblems start getting t9 gear. Between the upgraded gear, the glyph of cleave, a good rotation, actually enchanting all of your gear, gemming better, you will do much much more damage.
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