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Thread: Possible End Game tanking speck on Catalysm? (Warrior thread)

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    Possible End Game tanking speck on Catalysm? (Warrior thread)

    NOTE: This would be the end game talent tree, due to the fact that if what blizzard said you wont be rage starwing (Much) as a tank but we will have to see about it, so I thought I give my nickle to this community

    Ok As I browsed the new talents and mastery system I came up with a tanking speck that might work for Upcoming expansion. and I want some advices regarding to it.


    So the build for end game raiding would be 12/8/56 which would give you the maxmimun amount of mastery rating and few so-called "Fun talents"

    So let's have a quick overview on the speck.

    On arms you would have your normal talents such as Deflection and impale with deepwounds, These would be really hefty good threath talents as they are now.

    On fury you will be having your normal armor to AP talent as well one more talent that gives you more Rage due to the change of cruelty.

    Now for the first time rather than Frensied Regeneration warrior would have a passive healing talent which is the Blood Craze, which blizzard changed from Critical damage to Normal type of damage. I think this would be really good EHP talent in all it's ways.


    Now let's go talent by talent and I will give my thoughts of them.

    1st tier
    Shield Specialation - Due to the changes of shield specialation it now only gives you Rage which can be a bit tricky on threath generation but I think this is one of the best Rage talents you might get.
    Improved Thunderclap - More dmg = More threath, plus pretty nice when it sclales with AP and gives you better aoe tanking abilities.

    2nd tier
    Improved Defensive Stance -
    EHP + TPS talent (Must Have)
    Incite -
    Major TPS Talent
    Anticipation -
    EHP + Avoidance Talent (Must Have)

    3rd tier
    Last Stand -
    EHP Talent (When used with Regeneration, Must have)
    Improved Revenge -
    TPS talent
    Shield Mastery -
    EHP aswell as TPS talent
    Toughness -
    EHP + TPS talent

    4th tier
    One-Handed Weapon Specialation -
    Pure TPS talent

    5th tier
    Critical Block -
    Now this will be your mastery talent, meaning as in that mor emastery you gain, more the chanses you will get Critical block increases. Now with full mastery you will have 60% chanse of proccin due to full mastery (Provides a chance that the block will be a critical block and block for 60% of a melee swing's damage instead of the usual 30%.) Don't forget that the Items that has MASTERY RATING on them will increase the chanse you will get your Critical Block
    Concussion Blow - TPSTalent + CC talent + Needed for Vigilance
    Gag Order - TPS + CC talent

    6th tier

    7th tier
    Vigilance -
    Best passive threath talent there is.
    Focused Rage - With the new changes this talent has become vialable TPS talent again.

    8th tier

    Vitality -
    With Mastery rating this has become a great EHP + TPS talent
    Increases attack power by a percentage of damage taken, up to a maximum of a percentage of the character's health.
    Safeguard - As it is now onLK HC speck it will become must have talent due to the change of Defence rating. So Must have!

    9th tier
    Warbringer -
    Pretty good from those situation like where the boss applies a movement slowing effect on you such as Frost BReath and such.
    Devastate - Main Source of TPS (I think)
    Improved Disciplines - EHP talent, Comes handy when chaining Cooldowns on Medium + Long fights.

    10th tier
    Sword and Board -
    TPS talent

    11th tier
    Shockwave -
    Nice talent for Threath and CC when needed and a great AOE threath generator.

    Now I made this from top of my head to open a discussion for end game raiding specks for tanks, feel free to contrinbute and comments that I can work on my theory that wich may Improve my knowledge of tanking on catalysm.


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    Looking at the new trees the thing that jumped out a me was that I was most excited about a change in the arms tree and the fury tree... For my protect build.

    Moving deep wounds to tier two frees up some points that were just fillers. And 7.5% heal every 5 seconds? Yes please.

    One thing I can see happening is a return of two tanking specs. One for bosses and one for trash. ESP if threat continues to be the huge issue it is currently.
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    A few thoughts and comments.

    First off I'm not sure how you class Anticipation as an EHP talent. It's pure avaoidance and according to the latest blue-posts both Anticipation and Deflection will be cut for Cataclysm (less base avoidance imo is a good thing as we won't scale so ridicules as we do today). I presume these will be replaced with something else, perhaps defensive, perhaps offensive or rage effective. Never the less this would open up more flexibility in the trees.

    Other changes they've stated include the shift of warriors 6% crit reduction from Safeguard to Improved Defensive Stance which makes sense. This again removes Safeguard from being must-have.

    My personal thoughts on threat talents like Incite and Improved Heroic Strike are how effective these will be now that we won't be spamming things like Heroic Strike or Cleave anymore. Supposedly HS will remain "off GCD" so it might remain a high used / threat ability still. Time will tell.

    Sweep and Clear feel a bit "meh". Improved Disarm is still (if anything) a PVP talent which imo is ok. Puncture feels quite useless. I still find it odd Paladins pay 3 talent points for One-handed spec where Warriors pay 5.

    Other things that COULD become interesting is the Intimidating Shout change for a longer duration but single target CC. It won't be the same "of shit" talents once used in instances but more a control CC. Could be a good change and nice for the tank having some CC abilities.

    Blood Craze sounds very good. In reality we'd be seeing ≈3 hits / 5s which means this should be up 30% of the time (1 hit / 10 proccs it).

    Still wondering how it will work out seeing Paladins and DK's keep their reduction of large hits. 30% damage reduction for 8s every time you go below 30% HP can be very powerful (look at the LK fight). Given, Warriors will have shield block every 30s for 10s which against most physical damage will be 30-60% reduction. Sad Shield Block doesn't add to our threat as today though. Hope they change that. It's a nice "boost" for pulls and tank-swaps.

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