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Thread: LK Specific Spec?

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    LK Specific Spec?

    Hi guys,

    In order to combat my guilds mental block regarding target switching to Val'kyrs on LK 10man I'm attempting to handle the stuns myself (with a warrior using piercing howl or rogue using poisons for constant stun during cooldown).

    I've amended my dual spec to be a secondary LK tank specific dual spec so I have improved HoJ and glyphed to improve HoJ range. This has meant a slight sacrifice in my usual ret points (crusade I believe are the points I dropped) but the loss of improved damage to undead against the 6% damage from seals I've gained (using holy tree) 'in theory' should make up for it.

    Have any other tanks tried to do things this way? What were the results and is there anything blindingly obvious I've missed out?

    I'm by no means a hardcore theorycrafter when it comes to raiding and will bow to superior knowledge/experience

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    Possible Spec


    If you want a more sustained tps, drop Reckoning for Seals of the Pure.
    Personally i like Reckoning better for burst tps and seal applications.


    Is another spec you might wish to consider.

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    I've had Improved Hammer of Justice in my spec for a long time - Lich King isn't the only place where it's handy. Previously, the only threat talents it cost me were a few in Reckoning, and I've not noticed a blind bit of difference. Since picking up Divine Guardian as well, I'm now, mm, only 1/3 in Crusade, iirc. Which is a loss of about a 4% modifier against Undead.

    Mileage wise - I can't say I notice the DPS loss. 4% in 3-4k DPS is 120-160 dps which I would tend to describe as largely trivial. I certainly cannot tell the difference between now and when I used to have it maxed.

    Unless you're desperate for Aura Mastery, I wouldn't bother with the Holy Tree - Seals of the Pure isn't all that good.

    I also wouldn't sacrifice a glyph for GoHoJ. 10 yards omni directional should be more than sufficient. If people are spread out so far that that is not sufficient, you should probably try and improve their reactions to boss abilities than try and compensate yourself. It might work this time, but eventually, it won't.

    Also - you comment about Piercing Howl / whatever? If you're having trouble killing the Kalkyr in time, consider asking your Rogue and Warrior to save their rage/poison for DPS. Since Avenger's Shield has a 10s Daze associated with it, you can lock the mob down for some 16s by yourself, every single time. That ought to be enough to kill it, or very nearly.

    For reference, my armoury can be found here: -> http://armory.wow-europe.com/charact...lereth&group=1 . Excuse the sword and trinkets, I was probably showing off last time I logged in.
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    Quite frankly if Valks are still alive after HoJ, Holy Wrath and a slow on them, get Better dps.

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    The perfect LK / LK Heroic spec is this:

    20% Physical Reduction from lay on hands

    -> super handy

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    This looks perfect only if there is a hunter/rogue in the raid. Cause for Survivability, TPS has been Severely traded.

    W/o a hunter/rogue, Transition Phases and P1 (ghouls) might give a spot of (Threat) trouble. A War/Bear OT might help ease this prob tho.

    Rest is still the DPS not failing on Valks esp rofl

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