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Thread: How to improve my dps?

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    How to improve my dps?

    Hi, I am a paladin with 5.1k gs as of June 30. I do 5k to 7k dps in a 10 man raid (it varies depending on the raid instance). Many people have told me that I should be doing more than that with my gear: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...nger&cn=Trudps. I use the FCFS dps system and my priorites are Judgement>CS>DS>Consecration>Exorcism. I always use DP and HoW when the cd is down and I always use SoV on bosses and SoC on trash. Can anyone help me improve my dps?

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    Odd gems and missing enchants (no weapon enchant? gemming hit despite being well over the cap?), for a start. Also, is the armoury bugged or are you actually short of a major glyph. Because the 10 expertise you're missing from that glyph slot is A Big Deal.

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    gem pure str, unless u can get str/crit with a +6str bonus. get rid of the arp trinket as well, basically useless as lolret.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigruver View Post
    get rid of the arp trinket as well, basically useless as lolret.
    Useless? not really. very good, no that either. ArP as a retri paladin is a "meeh" not that bad but still, not our most favourable stat since it only affects around 50% of our attacks, the the physical attacks too be presice. So first off, im not going too tell u too something that will improve ur dps with that gear. First off, GET 2P bonus of the t10, second, GET 4P bonus, They are one off the best set bonuses ingame atm. then as another coment, ppl that say u should do more dps cuz ur GS is more really can fail imo, gs aint everything, if u would have gone for the set parts and had say some other pieces that where too be worse than u have today, then u would probably pull 3k more dps just from the bonuses.

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    ok first thing i would advise to you is gem pure str. the 20 str gems will do better for you than a 4 or 6 str gem bonus... think of it this way if you gem 20 str instead of grabing the gem bonus you come out 4 str ahead because instead of 16 str you get 20. Stacking haste is meehe, because your tier 10 gives you haste. also replace the arp trinket asap. like mentions above enchant all your gear with Ap enchants, on you cloak do an agi enchant instead(since there are no AP enchants.) to make ur meta work use the purple that adds str and stam.

    here is the armory for my pally if you want a guide.

    also stay at hit cap and don't go higher...... soon as i get like 54 more badges i am gonna fix that on my pally(bad luck with trinket rolls)

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