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Thread: Help if you have the time!

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    Help if you have the time!

    Hi guys and girls im after some help only if you have time :P.

    B4 I start here is my Armory Link and if you dont like clicking on links my name is Älen

    Well im in a good guild 9/12 ICC HM. We dont have have Putricide or Sindragosa on HM yet lets hope this week :P

    So my gear is ok I think... I do good dps and I know what keys to hit at what time lol

    Im asking you guys and girls to tell me if there is ANTHING more I can do with my char to MAXout my dps. Are my enchs right? Are my gems right? And so on. I think most of you will find some things wrong here that i have missed.

    Yet agen I wanna thank every one that replays to my questions.

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