Hi all, I am a decently geared pve player but fairly new to pvp and have a question about gearing.

My play style: I have been pvping in a protection spec, with my dps gear except in a few slots. I dance between battle and defensive stance depending on what I'm doing.

My question is in regard to pvp gear vs pve gear. I have 4/5 tier 10 and was wondering if it would be better to break that bonus and get the i232 pvp set. I have a few hundred badges I can spend and just get the set. I don't know if the resil will make up for going from i251/264 to 232

As I said I currently use my dps gear except I still use a shield/1h and I switch to the 264 pvp ring, cloak, neck, trinket - the only pvp gear I currently own.

Any advice on what to try for would be, by me, appreciated.