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Thread: Need Advice on Gear

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    Need Advice on Gear

    Sorry If I sound like a complete noob but in our own ways we are all noobs.;)

    I was wanting to know how i could get some tanking gear on my death knight so i can start my way towards tanking ICC. I can tank Heroics just fine:D. I have 540 Defeanse 46 expertise rating and currently Blood specced. Someone in my guild told me should do Trial of the Crusader. I would Like to do that but I don't know any guild that currently runs that on my server(Vek'nilash).:)

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    With just T9 badge and crafted gear you can go straight into ICC so long as you have around 40K HP you will be fine and defense capped.

    Watch u-tube and read up on the first 4 fights and try and get in as 2nd tank to an experienced tank.

    On most servers first 4 pug runs are commonplace alot pushing to 6-10 now. Sunday night and monday night tend to be the best if you are starting out as it's desperado's time because reset is tuesday (hmm well at least for us Oceanics prob diff day for diff areas).

    TBH the trash will be far more daunting to you than the first 4 bosses.
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    Armory link would be nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggathon View Post
    Armory link would be nice
    I would but as i said I do pvp also and Right now that is what my armory shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Might want to take those 5 points from Necrosis and put 4 into Rune Tap/Improved Rune Tap and 1 into Mark of Blood.

    I personally would take points from Dark Conviction, Bloody Vengeance, and Might of Mograine and put them elsewhere, Tanks as a rule tend to have Lousy Crit Rating in the first place. Putting those points elsewhere would allow you to have Improved Icy Touch which slows down the attacks of bosses/mobs, Spell Deflection and Sudden Doom are good places to put points. Which would leave you with 1 point left, filling out Scent of Blood wouldn't be a bad move.

    Then like Dreador said, level your JC up, to where you can created your Dragoneye's at least.

    As to gear, we will need to wait til you can post an armory with tank gear on.

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