We are currently looking for the following classes:
  • Resto Druid
  • Resto Shaman
  • Holy Paladins
  • DPS
All of these are full time, non-bench raid positions if you are able to perform well.

Guild Summary

11/12 H-ICC25
12/12 H-ICC10
5/5 10 ToGC (Insanity)
5/5 25 ToGC (Mad Skill)

25 man raid times: 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM (EST) Sunday through Wednesday
10 man raid times (optional): 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM (EST) Thursday through Saturday
Loot system: Loot Council
Current roster size: 28+
Expected attendance rate: 80%
Website: Promethean Guild

How to apply
Visit Promethean Guild for details.

About Us

When Promethean was created, we had two goals in mind: First, we wanted to see everything the game has to offer. Second, we wanted to create an environment where like-minded people could socialize and have fun together.

So far, we have created a successful gaming community which will keep us around WoW and future games for a very long time. However, like any guild out there we still have room for improvement and are actively looking at new and better ways of doing things.

Over the years, we have tried, tested, abandoned, and embraced different styles of running raids, distributing loot, and dealing with member issues.

Our "current", refined style of leadership is as follows:

For raids, we prepare strategies ahead of time in a strategy discussion forum where all members are expected to contribute. We discuss the various boss abilities and methods for maximizing our success. We utilize the discussion forums as much as we can; we refine our kill processes week after week by looking at what we can optimize further.

As far as member performance, we hold monthly one-on-one sessions with each member where we collect feedback about leadership and guild/performance issues. We also talk to each member about what they can improve on and how they can work on it. No one is perfect; however, it is our goal to create excellent players and the only method of doing that is with a process of constant feedback and refinement. Additionally, every Tuesday, before the new raid week begins, we hold guild meetings where we discuss what needs to be worked on this week, both in terms of raid content and raid optimization, and any pending guild issues.

A one word summary of why you should join our guild is "potential". We have the potential to be a great performing guild, we have the dedicated leadership for the task, and we are looking for people with the same mindset that will allow us to get there.

About You

We are looking for core raiders; we are not looking for "bench" players. Ideally, we are recruiting an intelligent and analytical player whose purpose is to see end-game content in the shortest amount of time so that he or she can go do other things. A Promethean member will show up to raids fully prepared by understanding his or her role and will give 110% effort at all times. This type of person understands that mistakes do happen however they are able to quickly fix their own mistakes and not repeat the mistakes of others. Additionally, a Promethean member should be willing to put their guild before his or her own self-interests in hopes of bettering the guild. Outside of raids it is expected that this type of person will be generally friendly, social and will attempt to "fit in" with the general populace of the guild.

We expect a lot from potential applicants so you should be comfortable:
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Not making the same mistake twice
  • Analyzing your own and others' gameplay
  • Taking criticism
  • Taking part in group discussions on Ventrilo about performance after raids (specifically for applicants)
  • Speaking on Ventrilo
  • Taking part in strategy discussions on forums
  • Speaking and writing English well (mostly for the discussion forums)

Frequently Asked Questions

Assembled below are some of the common recruitment questions people usually ask. Please look through here before contacting one of us.

1) What are your raiding hours like?
We raid 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM (Eastern) Sunday through Wednesday.

2) I hate filling out applications. Is it really necessary? Can I talk to you about it in game?
You must fill out an application; and please, take time out to fill it out in detail. We use the application to get a slight insight into your personality and see whether we should take time out to talk to you more. You can message any of us in game to talk about anything you want to talk about, but you must fill out an application. No exceptions!

3) How does the application process work?
After you fill out an application, an officer will review your application and then will either send you a PM on our forums or will actually log onto your server and send you an in-game mail if we are interested in proceeding further. At this point we will work out a convenient time for everyone where we can meet on Ventrilo and have a chat (so its important that you have a working mic). The chat will consist of a few officers and possibly some normal members. During the chat we will ask you some general questions, any questions that came up pertaining to your app, give you some additional information about the guild, and answer any questions that you may have. During the entire chat, we will be trying to assess your personality as well.

After the voice chat is concluded, we will ask you to leave the channel at which point we will make a decision on whether you have been accepted or not. After we have made our decision, we will inform you of it at which point you're free to decide whether you want to join the guild or not.

When you are invited to the guild, you will be required to read through our new members guide which will set you up with the appropriate Ventrilo and forum accounts, and familiarize you with the guild rules.

For the next two weeks, you will be required to maintain near perfect attendance and will most likely be provided with lots of feedback as to how you are doing. If everything goes smoothly, you will become a member at the end of the two weeks. Note that, while being an initiate, you will not be able to bid on loot unless no member wants it.

4) I can't make raids or will be late on day X. Can I still apply?
Our current optimal attendance requirement is 80%. Being late on some days may be alright, as long as you give notification that you will be late on such days and make this information available when you are applying to the guild.

5) What is the age range of players in the guild? What is the minimum age requirement?
Most players in Promethean are in their mid twenties to early thirties with some outliers of course. You must be 18 or older to join.

6) What type of humor is common in Promethean?
Dirty humor. Dry humor. Usually intermingled with a decent amount of profanity and vulgar language. Its all in good fun. If this offends you, please do not join.

7) Will I have a guaranteed raid spot if I join Promethean?
The answer to this question is completely dependent on you. If you are a dependable, analytical, quick-to-learn-type of player with a team-oriented personality then you are indeed guaranteed a full time raiding spot.

8) How do you deal with drama?
We try to talk to the parties involved and bring control to the situation at hand. Most of the time this works rather well as we're experienced with dealing with a variety of drama situations. However, if we have a very emotionally unstable person who somehow managed to get through the application process, we are left with no choice and will remove that person. We will not sacrifice the enjoyment of the rest of the guild because of one person's inability to be a member of a team.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered in this FAQ, feel free to message Amiye or Caemlynn.

P.S.: When applying, make sure you mention that Itsthecops is a badass at the bottom of your application.