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Thread: Necrotic Plague woes

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    Necrotic Plague woes

    I need some help with Necrotic Plague, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong - but I also don't think Blizz would make such an RNG mechanic.

    AFAIK the plague has a 5 second duration after that boom 50k you're dead. That means the DPS or other healers have about 4 seconds to get to where they need to be if they're not or it's going to jump to a player instead. Ok well all of our DPS (except for someone who just apparently doesn't want to kill LK) is where they're supposed to be. When I cleanse the plague 90% of the time it jumps to another player or a ghoul (we're tanking the horror far enough away that this just shouldn't be happening.)

    What can I look for to make sure it's not going to keep jumping from player to player to player to player back and forth between two people every time? What can I tell my raid to make them stop doing the wrong thing to let that happen in the first place?

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    It's not an RNG mechanic, it behaves exactly as it's supposed to.

    There are three factors to having it work right.

    Factor one is positioning. If your ghoul pack and horrors are in a consistent place, your players won't have to look where to go, giving them another second to move. If the pack is too far away, it gets tricky to make it. If it's too close, the disease may spread to another player.

    Factor two is dispelling. If you dispell too soon, you may lose the disease or you may spread it to another player. If you dispell it too late, the player may be dead (or have moved back.)

    Factor three is doing it right. People need to move to the horrors, wait for a dispell and go back to their previous position. When learning the fight, people with the disease should basically run to the big horrors and melee them from behind untill they get dispelled. Only people that move to the proper position get dispelled, people who fuck up die.

    Get those three right (it takes practice) and you'll have it under control.
    And yes, I am telling you to let people die when they do it wrong - it's the best way to force people to learn.

    Back when we were learning the fight, we had issues with the first transition phase, yet people were shooting at the ghoul pack while doing it. (And the only effect of that was them getting higher dps numbers.) So I announced that I would jump off the edge of the cliffs if I saw people dpsing the ghouls or horrors in the transition phase. I only had to jump three times, and after that our transition phases went a lot better.
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    ^^ Martie I like your style

    I have only done this fight in 10 man but what works great is to have LK and the large horrors tanked near each other with all the small adds around them then have your melee move close to the horror if they get the plague and the raid stands no more then 10 yards away from the back of a melee so if a ranged player get the plague they move in and run out in one movement meaning it is unlikely it will jump back to them even if it jumps to a melee first.

    In the case of a tank and two melee and the plague keeps jumping between them just make sure the melee have at least one mob between them ( put a melee on each shoulder of the LK ) and at least one of the melee knows to run over to the horror if they get it this should stop the plague jumping indefinitely.

    The plague is not really a big problem if everyone moves on time but if a person is not moving it can cause a lot of problems dependent on where exactly he is standing, normally I would dispel the plague off them to a more aware player or stand next to them my self to take the plague but letting them die is also a good way to teach people.

    Btw I am not use if it's just me but sometimes you can miss with a remove disease meaning the player explodes if you don't cast it again in time.
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    Well I haven't had any problems with it actually cleansing... just people doing the fight wrong I guess.

    We do a strat were LK is at the small circle you land on after you port in, horrors are tanked at the first column off to the right and well that's all that really matters. Should there EVER be a ghoul on the OT or is that too much of a chance for plague to not get on the horror?

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    I think you misunderstand the way the plague works.

    Here's the description from wowhead:Necrotic Plague
    Unlimited range
    InstantInfests the target with a deadly plague, causing 50000 Shadow damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. If the target dies while afflicted or the effect ends, this effect will gain an additional stack and jump to a nearby unit. If this effect is dispeled, it will lose a stack and jump to a nearby unit. Whenever this effect jumps, The Lich King's power will increase.

    It jumps regardless if the target dies or the effect ends, as such tanking the ghouls along with the Horros actually helps it stack faster, plus it kills of the ghouls with ease.

    Have the OT pick up the horros plus a couple of ghouls, or even all the ghouls. You'll soon see horrors dropping from massive Necrotic plague ticks.

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