<Origins> is a 25 man guild recruiting all exceptional DPS for progression into 25 Icecrown Citadel, as well as for a possible 3rd 10 man ICC group. Tanks and healers are also welcome to apply. Currently, we run the following:

Wednesday, 8.30pm SVT: 25 ICC
Thursday 8.30pm SVT: 25 ICC continuation
Sunday/Monday 8.30pm SVT: 10 ICC

Immediate class needs include:-
Enhancement Shaman
Feral Druid
1 x Tank (Druid/Paladin)

*All classes that are confident in besting our current raiders are very welcomed to apply. Raid slots are given based on performance and commitment to the guild.*

Progression is at 10/12 25 ICC, 11/12 10 ICC, 9/12 HM 10 ICC, with steady progress being made in 10 and 25 ICC. We are looking for regular players that know their class, have good raid awareness, and can sustain continuous dps while keeping to fight mechanics.

<Origins> consists of several friendly members, the majority of which can play their class well. We also use an EPGP loot system to ensure fair distribution of loot. Only agreeable people, with the patience to progress through ICC 25, are welcome. Ages of 18+ are preferred, however, exceptions may be made for younger players that can demonstrate maturity in their application.

For more information, please visit our website and forum at:

Alternatively, contact Elsalsai, Belira, or any other officer in-game if you need more info.

To apply, please register and activate an account at our forum (follow through from the above URL), then post an application.