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Thread: I'm Having Threat Issues, Please Help Me Understand Why

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    I'm Having Threat Issues, Please Help Me Understand Why

    OK, so first off, I have two sets of issues. One is in 5 man heroics, and one is in ICC 10/25. My threat has been an issue, and I think it's simply because of my rotation. I didn't know imp mangle and non imp were a big deal, and as you can see, I use two different specs. The first one is the one for survival, and the other is for quick 5 man heroics. But I have people pulling off me all the time in heroics, so I stopped using it. I have more luck with the raid spec I feel. Anyway, it's quite humiliating. I have people in 4700 GS pulling off me. Anyway, I've been using the same rotation for both specs.

    Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Bearrorist

    A typical pull for me is to use a feral charge which I macroed to FFF and I think even queue's up Maul if I remember. Then I go Mangle, Lacerate, Lacerate, usually FFF again, Mangle, Lac, Lac, Lac.

    On AoE packs I have tons of trouble tanking. AoE packs are just the worst for me.
    I spam Swipe and Maul. And still I'll be missing, someone will pull off a random mob. And I have no clue how or why it's happening. I have trouble tabbing too, I'll often tab to unrelated mobs if we're in a heroic, for example. It's just a pain because some of this leaks over when I'm raiding, I will lose aggro of a boss every once in a while. Much too often if you ask me. I tried to check around for some updated info, but I couldn't find anything really relevant.

    I seem to be missing some very key features of this class, and I just can't figure out why I'm having some of these issues. Maybe I think the things I'm using work differently than how they really do. I also understand the big gap in gear right now and it's easy for someone who outgears me big time to rip off me, but I'm still having issues with people around the same gear level as me, and even lower! The point is I'm not being the best tank I can be. I've tried to figure out what I'm not doing right, I know there is something I'm not doing right, and I was hoping someone else has had issues like me before.
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    You do know?

    The issue not might be your fault.
    On heroic 5man dungeons. I like to mark one to two mobs just to clerify, my threat priory on targets. Skulls as taunting constantly or FFF. While keeping least one lacerate. Then swipe and maul (glyphed) on constant spam in a macro.

    If DPSers still have issue keeping threat. I command them to low or either try constanly /assist me.

    On guild raiding this shouldnt be a issue thought.. As you said no single targeted threat proplems.


    on aoe packs while to dpsers single target dps on one target while both targeting a differend mob. Its hard to keep up.
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    An armory link would be nice. Your rotation looks good but just as a question, on single mob (especially boss pulls) is Maul constantly up? This is a HUGE aggro generator. You may want to look at a slight change in the rotation, it may or may not make a difference. I usually Charge, FFF, Mangle, Lac x3, Mangle, Lac x2, Mangle Swipe x2, Mangle. All of these are macros with Maul attached so it goes off on every melee swing. From there on out it is Swipe in every available GCD, Mangle when up, Lac when there's ~2 seconds left on it to keep 5 stack.

    Gear is not as big of a deal as people think. It may be over zealous DPS trying to get the meters to swing in their favor. When I run randoms no matter what the difference in gear I rarely have issues. Yes, when I first started tanking my Druid with about a 5k GS I had people in 6k pulling off me. I expected that. Growl, queue Maul, Mangle, queue Maul, Lac usually kept the mob on me. Typically my rotation here is Charge with FFF on my primary target then swipe spam. I do not use Maul here unless I know a DPS may pull off me. I do not have the glyph for it either. Haven't really had an issue with not using Maul and I know most people here swear that it needs to stay up at all times I just don't see the need as far as aggro is concerned.
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    Maul Spam is pro for single target threat and it will be overall, you highest generated. Also, you should FF whenever it is off cooldown unless you need to reapply lacerate or Mangle is up.

    As for aoe tanking, it is going to be a bitch until you get 2PC T10. Once you get 2pc, you will start laughing at how hard it use to be to hold aggro. Enrage + Swipe spam in 2pc is lulz worthy.

    Also, in your 60/11 spec, I'd recommend dropping Shredding Attacsk and going 2/3 king of the jungle to get 3/3 infected wounds.

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