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Thread: Paladin tanking Librams question.

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    Paladin tanking Librams question.

    Hey again, again im hoping i havent overlooked some post covering this matter already.
    I was just wondering if there is a chance that libram of sacred shield (increase BV when use holy shield) could be a better choice for a Paladin tank on current raiding content over the 245 and 264 dodge librams.

    In lack of a more ellegant way to put out my way of thinking, ill just list my thoughts:
    1) In icc, the dodge decrease debuff seemed to make avoidance, specially dodge, less significant.
    2) Current content tanking gear have enough avoidance to make the buff increases be subject to significant diminishing returns.
    3) The mitigation from the additional blocks on almost every atack (with holy shield and redoubt up) might proove - Mathematicly - a higher decrease of damage then the probable damage avoided from the additional dodge.
    - Additionaly, sometime you will take the atacks anyhow, so further mitigation with higher guarantees would proove more valuable to survivability then a slim chance to not take one whole atack.
    4) Assuming your not to high in the diminishing returns for block value passing to righteous shield damage, it would provide a nice increase in threat.

    Basicly I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if any of these ideas are wrong, or if anyone has done any math on this comparision to know how much dodge (how far into DR) you must have for the sacred shield libram to be preferable.


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    1) Chill of the Throne does nothing to the relative value of dodge rating (unless you are under 20% dodge, which I don't think is realistically possible in any set of gear which is suitable for ICC10).

    2) Yep.

    3) Nope. You won't be block-capped in ICC without a gimmick gear set. Redoubt has a ~10-20% uptime (based on quick log browsing). Therefore relying on the BV to mitigate damage is just as susceptible to RNG as relying on dodge - except dodge removes a hit entirely.

    4) Yes, it's more threat than either of the dodge librams. But if you want a threat libram, the 245 Ret one is what you use.

    Basically, it's a couple of percent of dodge with near-100% uptime. It's not perfect but both dodge librams are your survivability options, with the 245 "Ret" libram being your go to libram for threat.

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