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Thread: Spriest need some assistANCE

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    Spriest need some assistANCE

    ok, so here is my link to the armory.


    i pull ~8-8.5 in ICC 25 on bosses. can someone give me a bit of help as to how to up my DPS and what i should do about changing around TP/gems.

    my curent rotation is VPT -> SWP -> PD -> MB -> SWD -> MF

    i use MF as a filler spell. and i keep dots refreshed as soon as they are down, i use MB and SWD as soon as they come off CD.

    so if anyone can help me let me know plz =)

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    I'm not sure how good rawr's sp tool is but I would suggest you give it a shot for gem optimization. That failing I would suggest you head over to shadowpriest.com for your shadow deeps help (they have a gear check forum).
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    MF generally does more damage than SWD. you should only use SWD when moving.
    isn't 63 SP better than Black magic for a SP as well? (im not sure on this but i think it is)
    Your meta gem isn't the best for a shadow priest either. the 21 crit 3% increased crit damage would be better.
    in Red slots always use 23 spell power gem
    in blue slots where it gives a +7 spell power bonus use a 12 spell power 10 spirit
    in yellow slots use 12 spell power 10 haste or 12 spell power 10 crit.

    SWP should be used with 5 stacks of shadow weaving since u will rarely re-apply it. the most common opening rotation ive seen is:
    VT -> DP -> MF (3 ticks) -> SWP -> MB

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    I will add to what Davih said but thats good advice. Dont use SWD every CD only use it while moving.
    I assuem you are in pvp gear and your pve gear has the right meta Davih mentions. With MH/OH combo Black Magic > 63 SP. Haste is almost as good as SP for Spriest now.

    Te starting rotation can very but davih gave a good one, the important thing is to put all your dots up and cast SWP only when shadow weaving is at 5 stacks. Also try to align putting SWP up when your Heroism/trinkets are in action to get more out of it. Popping a haste pot before putting SWP up will add to it.

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    First I would look at your keyboard. Your capslock key may be stuck.

    Secondly, 63 SP is fine for Shadow Priests. Black Magic is slightly better, but inconsistent as it can pop at bad times. In most cases, it is better to have a consistent SP increase rather than a random Haste one.

    I'm looking at a cached version of your armory because you're currently in PvP gear, so it may have changed, but it seems you have only 2pT10. Get your 4pT10, make this your priority. You'll get a pretty considerable increased as soon as you'll finish your set.

    You should get your hands on a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond instead of the Ember version, and could lose some hit rating.

    Looking at your spec, I would put some points from Focused Mind into improved Shadow Form. There is unavoidable pushback in some encounters, and really you shouldn't have any mana problems at this gear level.

    As others have mentioned, it's important to wait until you have 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving before you apply SW:P because it remembers this value. SW:P also remembers Crit but not Haste. In fact, it's your only dot that isn't affected by haste, so if you want to pre-pot, use a Potion of Wild Magic and not a Potion of Speed. You can also get the most of your Nevermelting Ice Crystal by poping it right before you apply SW:P.

    Finally, don't clip dots, and always be casting.

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    First, hats off to ya, for 8kdps, on ICC bosses! Asking for advice on how to up that, is both laudable, and disconcerting, at the same time.

    Hard to give advice, when your armory shows your pvp gear, though.

    Again, grats on that dps...I'm lucky to pull 6k, on those bosses, and if I could up that another 2-3k, I might not get asked to heal, so much! Hah!
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