Recruitment Video: (For Those who'd rather watch/listen than read.)

Eventide is recruiting smart players of any role or class. Players who submit an outstanding application will be considered. If you turn out to be an amazing player who performs at or above the level of our current raiders, you will be slotted for progression regardless of seniority.
Currently we are in need of a Rogue, Mages, and exceptional applicants!

Specific Class Needs
Demo Lock<-----
Shadow Priest

And another Hunter would be nice too, but not as high priority as the rest.
We will evaluate any combination of classes to meet our number goals.

Progression Schedule
8:30 PM Eastern to 12:30 PM Eastern

Why You Should Join Us
  • We recruit and maintain a roster of highly survivable players -- we've easily accomplished both Immortal and Conqueror of Ulduar.
  • We've banned the word "RNG" from encounter discussions.
  • We never recruit second-string raiders -- we have no intention of benching great applicants.
  • We refine and update our strategies even after we've killed the boss.
  • We recognize merit and performance, not seniority or rank, in our roster.
  • We still think "that's what she said" is funny.
  • We have no drama.
What We're Doing
We are making good progress in 25 man hard modes with 11/12 encounters cleared.
We are making good headway in 10 man Heroic ICC with 11/12 encounters cleared already.
What We've Done

Eventide was world 5th on Conqueror of Ulduar. We've also completed the following hard modes:

Glory of the Icecrown Raider(10 and 25)

Heroic: Storming the Citadel (25 man)
Heroic: Crimson Halls (25 man)
Heroic: Plague Works (25 man)
Heroic: Frostwing Halls (25 man)

Heroic: Storming the Citadel(10 man)
Heroic: The Plague works (10 man)
Heroic:Crimson Halls(10 man)
Heroic: Frostwing Halls(10 man)

Call of the Grand Crusade/A tribute to Mad skill (25man Heroic)
A tribute to Insanity. (10m Heroic)
Observed (25 and 10 man)

Glory of the Ulduar Raider. (Heroic and Non-heroic.)
Prior to 3.1, we completed Heroic: Glory of the Raider.
About Eventide
Eventide is one of a few unique guilds in the WoW community in that we have an external community presence. The Eventide guild forums were formed into TankSpot, which later became one of the official Blizzard fansites. We are the raid group responsible for many of the TankSpot raid movie guides on YouTube, which have accumulated over 20 million views. We also work on special non-strategy projects such as our YouTube - Glory of the Raider (Heroic Cinematic) prior to 3.1.

We are a progression-driven guild, built from the ground up for effective PVE raiding. We prefer to keep a tight roster of effective players. While a great attitude and an analytical mind are absolutely essential to raiding with us, outstanding in-raid performance, attentiveness, and skill are the primary attributes we look for in our raiders.

As players, we get frustrated with raiders who do not care about their classes as much as we do. Additionally, we are turned off by players who are prone to drama, talking in trade chat, or posting on public forums. For these reasons, we recruit only players who share our desire and ability for top performance and who honor our strict no-drama policy.

Join Us!
Do you know your class inside and out? Do you have a great attitude? Can you meet our raid schedule and maintain top attendance? Do you want to be surrounded by players who care about their performance as much as you do? Please apply at: