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Thread: Looking for honest advice

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    Looking for honest advice

    After much reading and asking people on my server for help I find myself kinda stuck at what I should do now.
    my armory is http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...lune&cn=Gordoc
    I recently bought the wartoken trinket and replaced the NES trinket as i apparently was wasting alot of its armpen proc. Now it seems like I'm not getting to the cap ever a question I have is should I regem sum of my armpen gems to str+20 and put the NES back on ?
    Im currently 1/2 way til i can get shadows edge and I have a chance for Cryptmaker weekly. of course it hasnt dropped in a month :/
    I also have Toskks wrists in bank as Ive read my wrists are better but was recently told that they arent.
    Ive tried to download a cpl of the spreadsheets but like curse.com they wont work so is really appreciate any suggestions you might have.

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    Hitting the 100% cap is important enough that if you can't do it with your current gear, regem strength and put on the NES again so that with proc you hit 100% ArP.
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