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Thread: Gearing for Disc and Holy

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    Gearing for Disc and Holy

    I posted this in the HALP forum but didn't get many responses and it was suggested that I post it here instead.

    Anyways, I leveled my priest to 80 at the begining of the month and quickly geared her up as disc. I already have like... almost 3k WHGS and like 5.6 in game gear score or something? I personally think gearscore is crap because when I first hit 80 I knew how to play right and was outhealing full epic healers but it does give you an idea of where my gear is at.

    Now I don't do real ICC25 raids. At most I've gotten 6/12 in PuGs. I do ICC10 with my guild but we usually have to PuG a couple of spots because it's just a few of us in real life and we really haven't recruited people to fill the spots yet. Our best ICC10 we did 10/12.

    So the point is I don't get a TON of frost badges a week, I can usually get ~55 or so therefore I can get ~ 1 piece of 264 frost gear a week.

    So the question is, how do I gear for both holy and disc and not gimp myself with either spec either through gear or gemming since holy does a LOT more haste stacking and SP isn't near as good as it is for disc.

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...om&cn=Vallarie is my armory link.

    I just got the 245 pants for ToC25 so I'm planning on gemming those for haste. I also have the 232 T9 and 245 badge shoulders that I can regem for haste. I was thinking of getting the T10 helm next.

    The biggest problem is that gemming for haste with my good items is sub optimal for disc. I could toss in a 10haste/12sp gem into my cloak and dagger and if I get the T10 helm just keep the one I have.

    Helm: The T10 helm was the next piece I was thinking of picking up, but it doesn't have any haste. http://www.wowhead.com/item=50807 is something I could go after for the holy set I suppose. If I were to get the 245 helm form Ony25 then that would work for both specs.

    Shoulders: Well I'm appearantly wearing the wrong shoulders. I do have T9 245 shoulders, Was thinking of just gemming the offset with haste, but it's probably not optimal.

    Cloak: Just changing the gem I guess it could work for both specs.

    Chest: I was thinking of just getting either another merlin's robe made and just gemming it for straight haste.

    Bracers: Same thought as with the chest.

    Weapon: The socket bonus on this weapon kinda sucks but it just would feel weird having a raw SP gem as holy, but I think I may keep this as is.

    Offhand: I have a shriveled heart that I may switch in, what I have now is more for DPS, but for disc it was better than shriveled heart.

    Wand: Mine works for both specs I think.

    Trinkets: Working on getting Sollace and/or Abacus

    Boots: This is one of the harder things for me to figure out. My boots as is are AMAZING for disc. I have http://www.wowhead.com/item=50286 in my bag, but even though they're good holy boots would they be better than mine? I don't really want to regem the ones I have.

    Legs: posted above, I have another pair I can gem.

    Belt: I suppose I could change the sp/int gem to sp/haste, then would this be acceptable for both specs?

    Gloves: Another toughy. They're probably the best I can get for both holy and disc (haste for holy, and for disc they probably have more SP than anything else I could get) the problem is the gem. Right now obviously there's a 23 sp gem in there for disc and I really don't want to carry around tons of haste and sp gems in my bags to re-gem every time I spec flop, what should I do here?

    Thanks for the help.
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    it has been said in multiple threads; Disc and Holy are seperate specs and require seperate gear or else you are simply limiting one or the other. Best bet? pick up gear that makes sense for holy (haste, spirit) and build up a switch out of items.

    As for every single item; use a stat weighting and make your own evaluations there is no wrong/right answer at the moment you can pretty much do it wrong as a healer gear wise and still heal everything...

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    If you're not a serious raider on this toon, then you don't need to min/max for each spec entirely. I would suggest aiming for enough mana for Holy (this means a few intellect gems, the Insightful meta, and a good amount of spirit gear) while gemming Spellpower to appease Discipline. Sure you may be lacking the haste to be a serious Holy Priest, and may have more mana than is necessary for Discipline, but that's the way it works for a middle of the road gearing strategy.

    Your gear looks pretty good. NEEDS MOAR STAM... oh wait, wrong thread, sorry. I'd suggest grabbing Tears of the Vanquished instead of your haste trinket (hated that thing so much, never procced at a good time) which will give you some leeway with mana for both specs.

    Your boots are great for Holy despite having no haste.

    I'd also suggest going with Darkglow embroidery, as Lightweave is another random proc that doesn't help much (has what, a 30% uptime? not really good enough - I'd take the 33 MP5 anyday).

    I'd also use the Triumph spirit/haste ring for Holy, it's perfectly itemized.

    Shriveled Heart is better than the Baton for both specs, in my opinion.

    Otherwise though, very good job gearing up your alt thus far. Personally I would chase the 4-piece T10 bonus - it's uber for Discipline, and while it may not be that great for Holy when it comes to end-game hard-mode raiding (this is very much debateable, some situations it's overheal and others it's still very useful), it's certainly very good for someone who isn't in hardmode gear.

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    The question is, why are you trying to balance yourself between both specs? I hate to seem a harbinger of negativity but in doing so all you will really achieve is not being particularly amazing at either. Ask yourself whether the reason you have for wanting to be able to continue playing both is worth doing this for or whether it would be a wiser move to focus more on a particular spec and gear for it. As you stated yourself, they require massively different gear. Holy requires a lot more regen and haste, Disc requires much more spellpower stacking and prefers crit, a weak stat for Holy. What will you get if you try to balance between them both? A mix that is optimal for neither.

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