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Thread: Fresh 80 resto druid

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    Fresh 80 resto druid

    Last night I finally dinged 80 on my druid and I think I want to go resto with him. I've played a healer before on my priest but something about the druid style of healing is more appealing. What I want to ask isn't so much for tips on spec'ing, gearing or even spell priority, but more so if this website I found is worth while to use (granted if you have any advice I'll gladly hear it!)


    I followed the boomkin leveling guide and it worked great but before I start reading too much into healing I want to make sure it's good advice.


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    From the looks of it, Restokin has pretty accurate info and basic guidelines for druid healing. I would suggest first focusing on the Aoe/raid healing section since that is the most common role for resto druids to play, as well as the talents and glyphs sections.

    If you're looking for more extensive info and theorycrafting on resto druids once you've finished the restokin guide, elitistjerks has a good tree thread on their forums. You can sometimes find some decent threads on the Blizzard forums as well. Just make sure any info you find on the internet is updated for the 3.3 changes, that being we now need 856 haste (w/ buffs and 5/5 GotEM) to get a 1 sec GCD, instead of like 400 or whatever it used to be.

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    although you didnt request gearing advice...I will

    I just dinged a fresh 80 druid..this is what I got so far...

    couple things to note...I am poor, getting into ICC 10 or 25 is slim...I just want to get around 4K gs as a druid do I go for items with haste and spirit or haste and crit?


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