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Thread: The Weekly Marmot -- Summer Raiding Blues

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    Well at this point just about all your Core Raiders should be fully geared more or less and only need a few upgrades, thus a new member can take your spot until their is an upgrade that person needs, or until you start a tougher boss like Sindragosa or Heroic LK.

    What really bothers me is we downed 11/12 Heroic at the 10% buff with the original core, with all the people we've been needing to replace we find ourselves wiping on Heroic Lady Deathwhisper, sloppy Putrecides and many disgusting Sindragosa nights. So when we actually do kill these bosses I just feel that we're carried by the buff.

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    Yeah, that happens a lot to us too Kahmal, it's just learning the fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazeyonoma View Post
    Yeah, that happens a lot to us too Kahmal, it's just learning the fights.
    Putrecide I can understand.....but Heroic Sindragosa is really the same thing. Its just a giant retard check, sure I except Trials to blow up the raid in Phase 3, but these days we're lucky to even get to Phase 3, and if we do it's at the cost of every Battle Ress.

    If a Trial dies to Blistering Cold at least twice, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it was a lag or some technical issue, cause I have a hard time believing anyone can be that stupid.

    Messing up Frost Tomb placements in Aerial Phase....we have Smoke Flares and we spam a macro for positions, we tell people to wait for marks at the bottom of the stairs, yet people still fly up and then get a mark and have to run to the worst possible spot that their mark is positioned thus screwing things up.

    Killing Ice Tombs prematurely...I mean come on, nothing needs to be pushed under 50%. Luckily they have namplate health bars now so it's easier to keep tabs on that, dying to LoS...... And then when Sindragosa lands people rush back out into the field w/o even finishing off the blocks which can sometimes result in deaths.

    Finally we get to Phase 3....which normally goes better, people rarely chain Ice Tombs, but an Unchained Backlash is inevitable with new trials, which is the only error I deem acceptable.

    I'm convinced that the Trials that screw up on the first phases must have downed regular Sindragosa at the 20% buff where I literally stand way out and /dance as I eat Frost Bombs.

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    Hey Lore!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! With a Weekly Marmot no less

    You gave some great advice. I've been working with Wowmatcher and we're continuing to push our recruitment threads. We have fortunately managed to pick up a few people and a few are coming back. We are still in that precarious place where one or two people missing a raid will have a serious impact on our progression goals but the outlook is looking good.

    Thanks very much for the reply. It was a treat. I enjoy the site even though I'm not a regular poster. Oh! Grats on your Heroic LK Kill.



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