Hi everyone,
I registered to this site because I heared good things about it, and I hope some of you will be kind enough to help me optimise my performance.
first of all, this is me:
I have a lot of problems and questions.

1) Running HC's and lvl 80 normal dungeons. usually without much problems, thought I feel like im taking too much damage and need to pop trinket (IRT) or use CD's, and really feel like the only reason I survive is because most of my healers are awsome, or ICC geared.

2) I have no idea what's the next pieace of equip I should buy. I know about enchants and also try to use gems thought not the best because im broke, and need some time to regain all the money lost in buying that sweet Red Drake.

3) My rotation :
DnD - HB - BB - HB -BB.

on bosses :
DnD - HB/IT - BS - BS.

what to buy next?
should i redo my rotation?
how much HP I need for the hard heroics, which I can't do right now (ToC, HoR) ?

Thanks for everyone who will answer, you can't belive how much I appriciate that.

Sorry for bad English.