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Thread: The BFF Report -- All Points Bulletin (Part 2)

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    The BFF Report -- All Points Bulletin (Part 2)

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    hrm, seriously considering buying this, a few of my guildies have already pre-purchased, and I picked up a 20 dollar off coupon from EA at e3 last week... that'd make this game only 30 bucks online... HRM...

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    Seems like Grand Theft Auto online to me... and seeing as I hate GTA, I probably won't be picking this up.

    Plus one MMO is plenty for me.

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    I was an oldtime beta tester for the game and since the games NDA was lifet ages ago i can speak of it.

    To be frank the action part of the game is awesome in the beginning but gets very repetative in the long run. And we should not speak of the balance.

    It's "fun" when you as a R30 (played for like 1-2h) get to meet r260+ teams. Teams that have been playing for 100h+ and steamroll you.

    Social district, customizing your character, car or such is actually very addictive but thats about it. Sure the game became better and better over time of the beta test but all in all it became pretty meh quite fast.

    It's basicly 5-6 missions over and over again, and the 3:ed party view is horrible. My first char had a huge affro and was a 70s gangbanger. Problem came when you was going into Marksmanship "aiming". You had a huge affro covering 50% of the screen making it impossible to see anything on the rightside or even you cross hair. I ended up making a female char, the smallest i could to have a hitbox that was as small as possible so i could hide behind stuff more easier.

    This game would have worked nicely as a "f2p" or a regular online gaming thingy, but as a regular mmo with a "subscription" isnt going to cut it. Even with their alternative ways of paying gametime.

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