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Thread: What should I buy first?

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    What should I buy first?

    Just trying to get others peoples opinions on what I should buy 1st with my frost badges. I was thinking about either buying the shoulders or helm and using mark I have to get the Sanc. helm/shoulders but I also need to replace my cloak..still using one from Naxx25. Here is my armory.


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    I would suggest plugging in those different possible purchases into Landsoul's spreadsheet and seeing what's the biggest increase for you.

    Personally, I bought my cloak first then bought helm then shoulders. Those we upgrades in order of DPS benefit. It's going to be different for you, so hop on the spreadsheet and play around with it.
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    I would replace your helm or chest first. You have some nice pieces to work with. If you can afford the crafted 245 chest and crafted 245 bracers go for the t10 helm. You might get lucky and get the t10 gloves from voa and have the 4 set, which is great. Another option is the gatecrashers gauntlets. You should consider getting banner of victory to replace pyrite infuser, as you are over hit capped (164 is all you need). Last thing, switch out your ashen ring for the agility version.
    Best of luck!

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    Fury does not use t10 tier gloves so best choices for you is helm and chest for your 4 pc bonus. Farm Banner from ToC 5 man to replace Pyrite infuser as all you really need is 164 hit.

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    The cloaks that are dropping off Ahune (the holiday boss) at the moment are quite good (and very easy to get). The tank and physical dps ones are both good choices so I'd grab those and save you emblems for the tier gear. My 2 cents anyway.

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