Flow is a new project in raiding, formed by a solid group of players who have played together, from Naxxramas into ICC. We have decided to pool our experience with a fresh start. Our guild was formed in order to reach the pinnacle of 25 man raiding in WoW, while maintaining a strong community feel. We have a flexible approach to expansion and progression. Our goals for the future are:

* To clear all available raids and tackle the hard modes and achievements successfully.
* To build the guild around the members, valuing any input, and to be flexible with the raiding schedule for those that need it.
* Most importantly, to ensure the group activities are enjoyable and relaxed, while maintaining a steady flow of progression.

Please note that due to our current progress in ICC25, we are only looking for experienced and knowledgeable players who are able to play their class to the best of their ability. Please check our forums for recruitment update.

Exceptional applications will always be considered, regardless of recruitment status.