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Thread: DPS for DK Tank: Blood vs. Frost

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    DPS for DK Tank: Blood vs. Frost

    My small guild is currently progressing through Icecrown Citadel. We are doing ICC-10 with two tanks; both of us are Death Knights -- I'm Frost and the other guy is Blood. I have no complaints with my threat, and I know that our job as tanks is not to be the #1 DPS, but I confess I have DPS envy. (I should add that nobody complains about my DPS, except for me.) My problem is the Blood tank. We have nearly identical gear (I have Breastplate of the White Knight and he has Ghoul Commander's Cuirass; everything else is the same). I'm lucky to break 2k DPS and he consistently does at least 2.5k. He has gemmed exclusively for stamina where I have a few +agi, +str, +crit gems, in an attempt to increase my DPS. Finally, last night, I took a look at his character in the Armory, and I was amazed. With identical gear, he has 300 greater strength, 150 greater agility, 4% greater crit chance and 1,000 greater attack power. No wonder his DPS is so much higher than mine!

    Is Blood really that different from Frost in terms of DPS, or am I missing something? It's hard for me to believe that Blizzard intended for a Blood tank to do that much more damage than a Frost tank. I have no problem with threat, but the other tank doesn't either. I'm wondering what unique things I bring to the table. Our primary role is not damage, but the more damage we do, the faster the boss goes down, so it's not like our DPS is totally immaterial, seems to me. Should I stick with Frost or switch to Blood? How does Unholy compare?

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    You are comparing Apples to Oranges.

    First off Get rid of those Str, Crit and Agi gems, those are hurting your tanking stats.

    Blood tanking is more or less a DPS with some Tank talents...
    Frost tanking is imo the "true" tank of the specs but with the way the talents work, Blood is the preferred tank for raids, especially if it is 1 boss.
    Unholy tanking is one of those specs that requires alot of attention from the player, you have to know the fights for sure too, since you have time when you use your Bone Shield and other cool downs. A Blood or Frost Tank can get away with not using any cooldowns or not using them at optimal times, but an Unholy Tank doesn't really have that option as far as I know of.

    Biggest thing is how does your threat generation compare to his? If it is the same, then who cares about dps, if you want to be big on dps as a tank in ICC roll a Paladin.

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