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Thread: Weapon selection...

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    Weapon selection...

    I recently changed to Frost dual wield to benefit the melee DPS in my guild. I have the axe from heroic Gunship on 10 man but my other weapon that I should use is what I'm confused about.

    I know that Death Knight are supposed to use slow weapons but right now I'm not sure which is going to be better between these two until I get one from 25 man soon.

    Ghoulslicer or Bone Warden's Splitter

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    Ghoulslicer, to determine a weapons worth running DW frost looking at the max weapon dmg. I would run Heroic HoR for the one hander in there tbh it is better than ghoulslicer. Other options, obv a 2nd axe from heroic 10 man gunship or a gutbuster from 10 man fester in addition to the BVB.

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