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Thread: Fury DPS

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    Fury DPS

    I'm wondering if my gear is gemmed and enchanted right for Fury dps for ICC 10 and 25? And wonder if there are some changes that i might want to do? I wanna be able to get the most out of my spec as possible. Any pointers?
    Heres my armory:

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    You have WAY too much hit rating, get rid of that useless trinket.

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    To Focus Dakeyras Statement, you have 14.61% hit, you only need 5% hit you can safely lose quite a bit.

    Also Change your meta gem to the AGI/crit dmg, Put a nightmares tear in your chest in place of that Blue Quality STR/STA gem

    ArP, Even tho you have Gemmed near to full for ArP and have the NES you are NOT soft capped yet, that should be your first priority, for softcap you want 723 ArP(~53%) So you have two choices A get a Banner of Victory to Replace your hit trinket, or Regem the STR/STA Gem in your Glove(since you dont need it now with my Former suggestion) and ONE other STR gem to ArP.

    Bracer - Get 50 Attack power
    Everything else looks good Well done

    A few random things i would note, you Spent 60 badges on the Plate belt from the Frost vender, the Leather belt(vengeance noose) is our BiS IF you have badges laying around i would suggest fixing that mistake, that's alot of ArP to pass up.

    Make your Helm your next piece of T10, It is the single Strongest piece out there, to recap the pieces you want are Helm/Shoulders/chest/pants, Using the Gatecrashers gauntlets as your off-set piece. Get a Trophy upgrade your Chest to Triumph and KEEP it for awhile your 2p t9 Is Very powerful For quite awhile, I wouldn't break it until you can get 4p t10.

    Pony up at somepoint and get the AGI Cape from frost badges you don't Need the Expertise so get more crit for your buck.

    Besides that the only suggestion i have is to switch your ranged weapon back to the 245 badge one, Crit/ArP/free Expertise = win, this also makes it easier to stay at ArP Softcap

    Hope this helped


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    Chest - You need 722 ArP to be soft-capped (proc from NES gets you to hard) - replace the +Str+Sta purple in your chest iwth +10 ArP+15Sta.

    Back - Agility Enchant on cloak

    Neck - Broach of the Wailing Nights is purchasable with conquest (trade your triumphs down) emblems. Get it over your current neck.

    ** Interlude ** +Agility items are typically better for Fury than +Str items because Blizzard can't itemize. You only 'lose' about 40% of your attack power from str because the items have AP built in. Then you get bonus crit (from agility) and typically agility items tend to have ArP where Str items will lean more towards hit/haste which are less desirable.

    Ranged - Get the 245 Triumph. No hit + ArP

    Boots - Attack power enchant

    Ring 1 - Switch the Triumph +Str ring with the +Agility ring

    Trinket 1 - As suggested - farm R ToC5 until you get banner of victory. With my gear only death's verdict, Herklum, Whisper Fang Skull, and Death's Choice are signficnatly better. It will last a long time.


    These upgrades should shed a lot of hit and replace it with ArP allowing you to switch some +ArP gems for +str gems. You want to stay as close to 722 ArP if you're using any ArP gems at all until you have no ArP gems. Because when NES procs, you lose the value of every ArP gems that takes you over 722 because that ArP from the gem is giving you no effect. That's why the recommendation is +str until you're close enough to gem for 1400 ArP if you have NES.
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