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Thread: Help my poor mage please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tschus View Post
    I can't understand your point here, what does the 12% damage boost refer to?
    Sorry, I typed in 12 but meant 18, I had the haste bonus on my mind.

    What I meant is, for your opening rotation:
    1. You can't pop AP right after PoM AB.
    Yes you can, I do it on each and every boss and it works 100% of the time. It's in my macro, and I have videos showing it working.

    2. Cast mirror image before AP/IV/Pot so you won't waste the GCD in the AP/IV/Pot duration. Although the 1sec might not affect your dps at all.
    What will effect my dps is having to remember to hit one more key outside of my macro and that's the point.

    Well, I'm just saying that it might be a small dps increase.
    I know, but I'm more afraid of adding keys to jack up my rotation.

    800 base haste isn't a significant amount, just dont pop IV during heroism. You will need 882 haste during heroism / 1291 haste during IV to hit the 1sec cap for AB with full raid buff, 2T10, black magic and potion of haste.
    I don't stack my damage macro with heroism. I pop it at open and then PoM every time it's up after 3xAB and then use AP as soon as it's up, and then AP/IV/MI again (since pot is dead at this point).

    I didn't say "the best" at all. I would be appreciate if you could provide information about the best dps vs mana pool longevity, I've been looking for it for a while but can't find any reliable calculations.
    I just checked my rawr again, the cycle it uses for optimal DPS is ABspam034MBAM with ABspam04MBAM during CD. It may vary on your char and the fight settings.
    My rawr shows an 80dps loss using ABspam034MBAM vs ABspam04MBAM.

    I use ABspam034MBAM with ABspam04MBAM on CD anyway, but have found keeping the 12% haste up and doing AB3MBAM makes my mana last a little longer, as I never call for enervates anymore and only use 1 hasted evocation at most on bossfights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goros View Post
    Rawr will give you all the information you need to itemize, gem and enchant correctly.
    I've been playing a little bit around with Rawr now and I've stumbled upon a small glitch that I would hope to get resolved.

    I've been analyzing gear for a mage fire spec and was quite astonished to find that Rawr recommended gemming pure haste for this spec. I was under the impression that both theory- and simu-craft had quite conclusively shown that crit is better than haste for this spec. Indeed, Ive done a small matlab analysis showing this conclusion also. Ingame experience with this spec using arcane gemmed gear also produces significantly lower dps.

    What's going on?
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    Re: Help my poor mage please

    post over at EJ and see what they say.

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