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Thread: should i start icc? gear check

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    should i start icc? gear check

    Hello i want to know if i could start icc with my current gear: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...odr&cn=Valoria

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    Honestly I think you should be able to start tanking a few of the bosses with the prot gear I see here, take note that you can spend forty emblems and get http://www.wowhead.com/item=40734#. They are the best until the drops in icc, besides spending a few thousand gold getting the crafted ones. Same thing with you boots you have equipped. Crafted = much better until those drops. There is a better tanking badge ring, not sure which one it is, but as soon as you get in there and do some trash pulls and become friendly, you can get the first ring from The ashen verdict. http://www.wowhead.com/item=50375 these also level as you get rep with them. Best thing to do is get in there and try it out with your guild, and grab that ring.

    EDIT: Alot of being able to do the fights depends on your raid members, there skills and abilities and the gear they have + Experience in icc.
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    I would say you could go icc even though u do seem to lack health. I do recomend making a few changes tho:-
    The PvP shoulder (30 stamina 15 resi)enchant gives more EH than you current one.
    225+ Armor on back once again gives more EH than 22 agility
    20 Defense gem in helm would be better suite as a 10 defense/15 stam gem or a 20 stam gem, you choice here (i would take def/stam)
    10 stats is inferior in icc to the 275+ health in icc until the 30% buff goes live
    Blood draining or mongoose on weapon is better than pure 26 agi
    18 stamina (tbc enchant) on shield since you are well above being uncrittable
    As a pally 22 stamina is better than 15 stam + run speed because the pursuit of justice talent

    Divinity mostly causes extra overheal. i advise taking all 5 points out of it
    1/2 spiritual attunement is enough mana regen for you to be able to tank so take 1 point out of it
    most retri talents or optional but at least 1/2 improved judgements and 3/3 crusade and 5/5 deflection are mandatory.
    i recommend 5/5 deflection, 2/2 improved judgements, 3/3 heart of the crusade, 2/2 vindiction, 1/1 seal of command (for trash/bosses with adds), 2/2 pursuit of justice and then 3/3 crusade.

    Glyph of hammer of the righteous is good for trash and thats about it. Replace with either Glyph of righteous defense or Glyph of judgement.
    With the amount of expertise you have i would lose Seal of Vengeance for one of the above as well.

    Skinning isnt that useful for a tank, if you got the gold you should change for LW/BS (lw gives 62 extra stam as well as cheap leg enchant while BS gives 60 extra stam)

    Crafted Bracers are quite cheap now and you should grab them. As the previous poster said you can get Bacers of the dalaran parapet's for 60 emblems which is enough for the crusader orbs for the crafted so theres not much reason not to get them.
    Crafted Legs are Bis, if you can afford the saronite (only seem to be around 600g each on my server) grab them
    Crafted boots are Very good as well, if you can afford them grab them
    Next frosties should be spent on Cloak and Belt imo.

    i know this is quite a lot to read and most of its been nitpicking but it will help in the long run

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    thanks for your reply, i will get those bracers, right now i dont think i can afford crafted gear.. its expensive in my server right now, i have already changed the weapon enchant to blood draining, i will check my build and gems soon too.

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    Yes, if you have good healers. THat being said, you can easily upgrade your gear in a couple of spots for only a little time. Davih's suggestions are good. No reason not have the crafted 245 wrists and it would only take about 1.5 hours a day for 2 weeks to raise the gold for the mats for Pillars and Upheavl (crafted 264 legs/feet) - but watch your Defense if you get both crafted. You may need to swap a couple of +Def/+Sta gems in high-socket bonus items to keep 536 (with PvP shoulder enchants). The 3/6 stamina for hitting a +12/+9 socket bonus will be 'cheaper' than replacing a +sta enchant with a +Def.

    Also, run R HoR with your guild until the 219 shield drops.
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